2True rainbeau highlighter: reviewed

Hey everyone, the other day the new 2true highlighter arrived on my doorstep so I thought I would share my thoughts on it as i’ve been using it every single day i’ve worn makeup recently (a big ol’ complement to begin with as I have quite a few highlighters!).


Firstly; I think this packaging is beautiful, especially as 2True is a very affordable brand. It is made of cardboard though so i’m not sure how well it would travel, but for the price I think it’s understandable!

I think the whole rainbow highlighter craze started with just one that was being sold by a little online shop and it’s now turned into the latest ‘must have’ item. I think that original one was quite expensive so it’s great to have some cheaper alternatives if you just fancied trying one out.

I did think the whole idea of a rainbow highlighter was slightly gimmicky when I first heard about it, but since trying one out I think they can be both fun and wearable (and who doesn’t love a new highlighter to play with?!).


It comes in a little pan inside the cardboard packaging and has 5 pretty and super shimmery shades in it. This does look really scary at first but if you just swirl a fan brush in this and apply you’ll get a really pretty rosy/ champagne glow. So, maybe more wearable than you thought?


All of the shades are highly pigmented so you can use individual shades on the cheeks or even the eyes too. I like that it’s quite multipurpose as it means it probably won’t end up at the back of your makeup stash!

So overall i’m really loving this and I really don’t have many bad things to say about this. For Β£4-95 Β the quality is very good so maybe give this a go if you need more highlight in your life…

What’s your favourite highlighter?

Jess x

this post contains a PR sample


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