Budget Beauty Christmas Gift Guide

We all know how expensive this time of year can be, so knowing your budget is pretty essential! I have always been one to find the best deals going so I can get the absolute most out of the money I have to spend. That’s why I thought doing a little budget beauty gift post would maybe help some of you struggling for present ideas this year (and if you haven’t even started your Christmas shopping yet don’t worry there’s still lots of time!).


🎄 A little stocking filler:

I have had one of these for a whole year and absolutely love mine so I thought others might too. It’s called a TowelUp and it’s basically a little plastic clip that holds your towel in place when it’s wrapped around you. It is such a good little stocking filler idea as it’s small, very affordable and comes in a little drawstring pouch too. These are £3.99 each and TowelUp is a small family business so it’s great to support them. Plus delivery is only 73p… you can’t get much better than that!

🎄 For the person that loves lipstick:

It’s safe to say I have tried a whole heap of lipsticks in my time and one of the standout formulas for me is from Burt’s Bees. As you would expect from Burt’s Bees the lipsticks feel so nourishing on the lips and that in turn keeps the lipsticks looking great for longer. I really like the idea of giving a lipstick as part of a present as it can be personalised for the person you’re giving it to by choosing a shade that they would love / wear. At £9.99 each they’re definitely not the cheapest around but they are made with 100% natural ingredients which I think makes them totally worth it and present-worthy. You can buy these from Superdrug – they often have offers on BB products and you get free delivery with your loyalty card too.


🎄 The present with a conscience:

If you fancy giving a beauty gift with a little more meaning then I would totally recommend you check out Fair Squared. They have amazing ethics as a brand, paying farmers and workers in the developing world a Fair Trade premium for their ingredients which helps sustain them. I love that their products were made in good working conditions without the use of child labour or animal testing. They have created a little Christmas gift set featuring 4 mini products including body wash, shower gel, shampoo and hand soap which costs only £8.95. You can buy this from Pravera.co.uk and free delivery if you spend over £10!

🎄 For the beauty obsessed:

Last but by no means least for my budget gift ideas is a Spongedry from Basic Beauty Tools. I’ve talked about this on my blog before and I have used no other brand of sponges since! The spongedry is a little holder for your makeup sponge that allows the air to circulate around it and keep it working better for longer. As well as being super hygienic, it’s also very practical as a way to store your sponge when you’re not using it- my spongedry is on my beauty shelf along with my makeup brush pots. Every spongedry also comes with one of their foundation blenders which are seriously good. They double in size when wet which makes them really bouncy and soft.

Each spongedry (+ foundation blender) is only £14.99 which I think is such a good deal! The sponges are also not prone to tearing so they last you a very long time. There’s a whole range of different colour combinations you can get too; from pink sponges to white spongedrys there’s definitely something for everyone.

🎄 For a little extra flare…

You may have noticed my beautiful present tags in the photos which were kindly sent to me by by ArtfullPuffin.co.uk. They are all handmade and reasonably priced so if you’re interested you can buy their lovely products on Etsy.

I hope this had given you a little bit of inspiration for your Christmas shopping, even if it’s just sparked off your imagination!

Jess x

this post contains PR samples



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