Current fave cleansers

I feel like most people go one of two ways when it comes to taking their makeup off / washing their face in the evening. Firstly it’s the quick ‘can I be bothered to actually wash my face’ thought which is then hopefully followed with a yes! Then there’s the dreaded face wipes that you can see out of the corner of your eye which you definitely end up using sometimes (or a lot). I highly recommend that you do cleanse in the evening as I promise you will notice a real difference in skin appearance and texture. I have a few favourite products to use which are all great for sensitive skin and all have something slightly different to offer so hopefully you might discover a new product to try.

It’s safe to say i’m a huge fan of cleansing oils. They intensely nourish the skin, whilst breaking down any makeup left on the skin. I’ve talked about one from the Jojoba co recently in a post and i’ve now completely finished that one, I loved it so much! This one can be used in two ways; on a cotton pad and onto the eyelids to remove stubborn eye makeup or directly onto damp skin and used like a cleansing oil. Even though this is marketed as a makeup remover it feels hydrating and soothing on the skin so most of the time I don’t worry about going in with a second cleanser.

Now i’ve finished my Jojoba co makeup remover i’ve been using the very popular deep cleansing oil from DHC skincare. If you’ve read my blog before you’ll probably know I absolutely love this brand as it is completely skin focused which means all the products they make feel dreamy to use and have loads of great ingredients in. I would definitely say this cleansing oil is one of the products if not the product DHC are known for; apparently they sell 1 every 10 seconds which says something! This is such an amazing no-fuss product, I just massage a small amount onto my dry face and you can see the makeup start to almost break down and dissolve and you massage the skin. I then just add a little bit of water to turn it into more of a milky consistency which means it’s super easy to remove. Then just wipe away with a warm flannel and you’re left with soft skin.


Something a bit different from DHC as well is their face wash powder. It sounds really strange but actually the concept of this is great. Instead of being in a cream or liquid form, this cleanser comes in a powder form which you can then mix with a little bit of water on your hands and use it just like a normal foamy cleanser. I wouldn’t use this one to remove makeup as I prefer oils for that but I just think this is a genius idea, especially if you travel a lot as there’s no worrying about spillages etc. This little pot also feels very light so it would be so easy to pop into your washbag! I love this on my sensitive skin as it feels very lightweight on the skin and is a great skin refresher throughout the day if you’re not wearing makeup.

Lastly I wanted to mention a product from AA skincare that has been on my bathroom shelf for a while (high praise, I promise!). It’s their cleansing face gel in the lavender and tea tree scent. I think it was in my last post I mentioned i’ve been having some trouble with breakouts on my chin area so this for me was the perfect combination of helping to keep that area under control but also not being harsh on the rest of my face. I would say if you have very sensitive skin this one might not be for you as it has quite a strong lavender smell but it’s fine on me and I really enjoy using it.

So those are the products i’ve been using on my face recently, i’d love to know what cleansers you’re loving at the moment as i’m always looking to try new skincare!

Jess x

this post contains PR samples


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