Current Beauty Faves #2

There’s never a time where i’m not obsessed with a certain lipstick or some beautiful bronzer so I thought it would only be fair to share my current beauty faves with you. I house my everyday makeup in an old glossybox which works really well for me and at the end of the week I try to switch up the products i’m using so I can test out new ones. Sometimes though if I love a product it will stay in my everyday makeup stash for ages which I think shows i’m particularly loving it!


Let’s start with skincare for a change. I’m not in any way a skincare junkie and prefer a more simple routine of cleansing and moisturising as I have sensitive skin so I don’t like to rub my face too much as it aggravates the rosacea I have on my jawline. I am such a fan of oil cleansers to remove my makeup and the one i’m currently using is from The Jojoba Company. This can be used just like any other typical oil cleanser (applied to a face of makeup and removed with a warm flannel) but you can also use this on a cotton pad across the eyes to remove stubborn eye makeup. I usually do this technique when i’ve got particularly heavy makeup on. This also has a zesty fragrance which is delicious!!

Something that is just so useful for me are the DHC olive oil cotton swabs. You know when you try so hard to not smudge your mascara onto your eyelid but end up doing it anyway? Just pop one of these babies out and gently touch the blob of mascara and it’s completely gone. It’s almost like magic… I’m also terrible at winged liner so these are great for cleaning up any mistakes too.

I’m loving spending a little bit longer styling my hair at the moment and i’ve been using a foaming oil on the lengths of my hair to stop the frizz and to hold in my curls. This one’s from the brand STRUCTURE which I had never heard of until recently but i’m so excited to see what other products they do as i’m loving this one so much. If you’re not a fan of that ‘crunchy’ hair feeling then I highly recommend this product and it keeps my hair soft and smooth too.

For makeup i’ve got a few current faves, including a sponge. This one’s the Look Good Feel Better sculpting sponge which I have just loved using. I tend to use one sponge for my foundation and concealer and then another for things like liquid highlighters that look so much better when they’ve been smushed in a bit with a damp sponge! It may sound a little strange but I love this because it holds just the right amount of dampness that it blends everything perfectly without going dry really quickly. This is also not expensive at all and has lasted me ages without any tearing which I found happens a lot with other sponges.


Other bits of makeup i’ve been loving include the MAC lipstick in fanfare which is a beautiful muted creamy pink shade and to go with that the FleurdeForce lipgloss in written in the stars. This lipgloss is so pigmented and completely non sticky which is the perfect combo and when it also smells like vanilla you know you’re onto a winner…

I’ve recently added a few more Joan Collins Beauty bits into my beauty stash and yet again i’m impressed with the quality and lasting power of the products. The class act mascara is now an everyday staple for me as it adds so much thickness to my lashes without going clumpy and this also doesn’t really smudge which to me is by far the most important thing. I find most mascaras leave me with black smudges under my eyes after a while so I now always set my undereyes with a little bit of powder which definitely helps.

Just look at that nail polish bottle… have you seen a more beautiful packaging? I adore the shade and finish that the JC Beauty nail lacquer in Melanie has and I can’t wait for the weather to start getting more autumnal so I can wear this loads more. I wouldn’t say that the formula of this is anything extraordinary but I just love this deep berry shade and it gives the nails a very pretty glossy finish. Quick drying too!

Lastly I wanted to give a shoutout to this Technic colourfix bronzing palette. I’ve been using this loads with a big fluffy brush all over the perimeter of my face and cheeks. This has mostly matte shades but does have a couple of shimmers which are beautiful. These ones are too dark for me to highlight with but look amazing on the eyelids for a warm shimmery eyeshadow look.

I’d love to know what products you’re loving at the moment too!

Jess x

this post contains PR samples


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