Feel-Good beauty routine

We’ve all been told that it’s good to take some time for ourselves now and again and give ourselves a little pamper but often I think a lot of people are either too busy to or simply just kind of forget. I think this ‘me time’ is so valuable and can also come in different forms depending on the person but for me there’s nothing better than a good ol’ beauty session. Not forgetting a massive cup of tea too!

Here’s some of the products that I tend to use to make me feel really good about myself… The list of products could be endless but i’ve picked out some of my current beauty feel-good faves.

I love using body oils as I have very dry, flaky skin a lot of the time and I find oils tend to have longer lasting effects compared to a standard moisturiser. At the moment i’m using one from the brand Khadi which I believe is an Indian brand. They do lots of different oils depending on your skin type and I have the hibiscus one which is for more sensitive skin. This is so nourishing and I find it to be non greasy so it’s really pleasant to use. It comes in a pump bottle which means it’s super easy to apply as well. This is just under £12 which is amazing for the quality of the product (not tested on animals, contains organic ingredients, the list goes on) but also the ethics of the brand are brilliant. Khadi gives their farmers a fair price for their goods and a long term partnership in exchange for the raw ingredients used to make the products. What’s not to feel good about that?

I recently came across a new brand which i’m now seeing everywhere called spacemasks. The brand makes these really unique self-heating eye masks that are infused with jasmine and help to relax you whilst taking care of the delicate skin around your eyes. Just leave the mask on for 15 mins (the mask comes with ear loops so there’s no sliding around) and chill.

MAD beauty are always coming out with more fun beauty related products and this little panda headband made its way to me recently and I absolutely love it. It’s perfect for keeping your hair out of your face whilst washing it or doing your makeup or basically doing anything at all. I think there’s also a dog and a tiger version, all of which you can order online for £3.50 each. I think this would make such a cute present!


For months and months now i’ve been battling against breakouts that seem to have rocked up permanently on my chin area. I never ever used to get this many spots so it’s definitely been hard to get used to. I’ve tried lots of different lotions and potions to help calm the ‘situation’ but by far my favourite is the tea tree oil from Superdrug. This one’s actually a ‘blended’ oil which just means it’s a little bit more gentle than straight up tea tree (which stings so badly let’s be honest). The only slightly worrying thing is I can’t find it on their website anymore which makes me think they’ve discontinued it which sucks!

Crabtree & Evelyn have been releasing some more new products recently including some new scent ranges. I’ve got a one of the handcreams in the pear and pink magnolia fragrance which is absolutely delightful. I love using this and it definitely is as uplifting as it says on the tube. It’s the little things sometimes…

Now onto makeup there’s a couple of real standouts for me here when it comes to feel good beauty. My newest mascara discovery (which I also talked about in this post) is still a firm favourite and one I seem to love a little bit more every time I use it. It’s the Joan Collins Beauty class act mascara. It gives me so much volume, looks good all day and I can rely on it to not end up all the way down my face!

If you are a regular reader of my blog you’ll know that I love essence cosmetics. They never fail to make fun, great quality makeup at affordable prices. I love their matte lipsticks and recently I tried out the shiny formula and i’ve got to say this could be bad. For my bank account I mean… the lipsticks are great! This beautiful pink shade never fails to make me feel great about myself and it can be worn very as just a very sheer layer or built up for a more intense look.

Lastly I wanted to mention a nail polish as for me there’s not a lot of things better than a fresh mani. Especially when you haven’t ballsed up your opposite hand (which if i’m not going to lie to you happens a lot more than I care to admit). Benecos make nail polishes that not only have a lovely shade range but also have really great ingredients. The ‘happy nails’ range is 8 free meaning it’s free of most of the nasties you find in most regular polishes. I love using nail polishes like these as it does worry me sometimes what chemicals you could be breathing in whilst painting your nails, especially if you do it regularly.

So, these are my current feel good beauty products. I’d really love to know what you use to make yourself feel great, let me know down below!

Jess x

this post contains PR samples


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