Twist & Spritz – the perfect stocking filler?

I would say most people have their own signature fragrance that they love and use on a regular basis. Although I don’t think i’ve yet mastered the ‘spritz as you walk out the door’ thing I do have a few favourite perfumes that i’d love to get some more use out of. This is where the new Twist & Spritz perfume atomiser comes in so handy. It’s basically  your own mini on the go bottle which you can fill with your favourite scent without the worry of it spilling all over the inside of your handbag (and i’m sure you all know that as soon as that happens you get so sick of the smell of that perfume that you never want to wear it again…). At the moment the perfume I wear is the Avon Viva La Vita eau de parfum which is described as ‘fresh with crisp pink apple, dewy rose petals and sweet vanilla bean’. It’s absolutely divine!


This bottle can hold 8ml of fragrance which is lasting me ages, but the good things is that I have found this incredibly easy and mess free to fill up. Each Twist & Spritz comes with some handy and very clear instructions on how to transfer the perfume over to the atomiser. You basically pop the bottom of the atomiser off, unscrew the very top bit of the perfume spray to expose the nozzle, place the bottom of the atomiser on the perfume and press down so that the perfume sprays up into the bottle. I have noticed some of the bottle designs include a clear panel down the side so you can see how much you have in the bottle which mine doesn’t have. Although I think that’s a great idea I don’t think it’s that important as it’s quite easy to feel how much is in there from the weight of the bottle.


The Twist & Spritz is such a great little product and very affordable too. They are around £10 and come in every colour you could imagine including a marble one which I have my eye on too! I think this would make such a lovely Christmas present for someone and it’s the perfect stocking filler too.

What’s your favourite perfume?

Jess x

this post contains PR samples


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