Bio Essence Skincare

Over the past month or so i’ve been testing a new skincare brand that I have wanted to try out for ages called Bio Essence. In my opinion it’s definitely more of a luxury brand, one look at their gorgeous packaging alludes to a more hefty price tag but actually I was pleasantly surprised to see their price points. I would never usually spend over £10 on a skincare item but a lot of people would so i’m so grateful that I get the chance to try out products from different price ranges.

The products i’ve been trying are from their 24k Bio Gold collection which is aimed at firming and adding radiance back into the skin. They also have other collections aimed at different skin types / concerns including sensitive skin, anti-ageing and hydration.


So it makes sense to start with the product that I would actually use first in my skincare routine which is the 24k gold water. I use this after I have cleansed my face as almost like a toner and serum in one. It really does feel incredibly lightweight on the skin and seems to sink into the skin in seconds. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated without the heaviness of a moisturiser and also does add some radiance back into the skin. The consistency of this is hard to describe, it’s almost like a gel but as soon as it in contact with the skin it turns into more of a water texture which is why it feels so lightweight.

The only thing I would change about this is that it comes in a glass bottle that just has a hole in the top so you turn it upside down and shake to get the product out. I would so much prefer a pump or a dropper on this.. but you never know it could be packaged like this for a reason!


Next up is the 24k day cream which has an SPF of 25 which is amazing. Day cream for me is an absolute must on both makeup and no makeup days to either prime the skin or just protect it throughout the day. This moisturiser works amazingly under makeup as it is fast absorbing whilst still putting the hydration back into the skin. I love how all the products from this range have loads of little gold flecks in them, it makes them look so fancy and super sophisticated (both of which I am not…). This comes in a massive jar which I recon would last you absolutely ages as you really only need a tiny bit.

The last product I have is the miracle finisher. This is definitely the product I have used the least which is partly due to it not being 100% right for my skin type and also just personal preference with what I like to use to prime my skin before makeup. This is essentially the last step in your skincare routine and is described as being the ‘final sheild’ to lock in everything you’ve put on before this. The way I can think to describe this is that it’s a matte primer, but is definitely more on the skincare side of things as opposed to a primer that keeps makeup on all day etc.

As well as being great for protecting the skin throughout the day this also has a lot of slip to it which does make it great under makeup if you prefer a matte finish to your foundation. On me I prefer a more dewy look so I just use the 24k moisturiser as my last step instead which does work really well for me.

I’m so impressed with these products from Bio Essence; you can tell they are great quality just from the feel of the products when applied to the skin. If I was to repurchase any of the things that i’ve tried I would definitely go for the gold water. I’ve definitely discovered a new favourite. These are also all stocked in Superdrug and are usually on offer, just in case you’re interested in trying out anything!

Have you tried Bio Essence before?

Jess x

this post contains PR samples


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