Basic Beauty tools: reviewed

I definitely have developed a strong love affair with makeup sponges; they’re so much quicker than brushes for blending out concealer and don’t leave streaks. You know I love the Real Techniques complexion sponge, but it does have it’s faults. It tears really easily and because of that I find they don’t last very long which is super annoying as they aren’t cheap!

I’ve recently discovered a new brand called Basic Beauty Tools. They have created two products, one of which is a foundation blender sponge and the other is called the spongedry. I feel like their main product is definitely the spongedry as I think it’s pretty unique and definitely needed if you’re into beauty!

The spongedry is a collapsible sponge holder which is designed to be more hygienic than leaving it on surfaces or in a drawer. It also is great for drying your sponge after cleaning as the rings holding the sponge mean air can flow freely throughout. Even though the product is designed for their sponge, it does fit a variety of sizes which is great. The spongedry itself is really easy to use; you just press the feet which makes the rings pop up into position (and to collapse you just press the rings down gently).


As I mentioned, Basic Beauty Tools also make their own makeup sponge called the foundation blender. You can never really tell before trying it if a sponge is going to be good so I didn’t really know what to expect. I was really pleased to find it expands a lot when in contact with water which means it becomes very soft and nice to use. It has that distinct teardrop shape which I find really useful as you can blend in concealer around the eyes very effortlessly, as well as using the round bottom for blending in foundation. Apparently the material they use for these sponges is more porous which means is is quick drying and also gives the sponge a stronger structure which means it’s more durable. I love that because it means it will hopefully last longer!


The spongedry is £14.99 and also comes with a foundation blender. The sponges alone are £5.99 which is a very competitive price compared with the RT and other drugstore brands which i’m very happy about.

Personally I love the idea of the spongedry and I also love the foundation blender. It does such a good job of blending my base products… i’m not sure if I could ever go back to a different brand now which feels so weird to say!

The brand has created a little promo code for me to give to you guys too. Just use JESS10 to get 10% off!

Jess x

this post contains PR samples

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