Colourpop haul + first impressions

Hey everyone, last week I placed an order for a few Colourpop goodies and they arrived a couple of days ago so I thought I would do a first impressions on them! Since I live in the UK I didn’t order through the actual Colourpop website as you have to pay customs charges and expensive shipping and instead ordered through a UK based website called Rose’s Beauty Store. I did my research before purchasing from this website to make sure it was legitimate – don’t worry! I had a positive experience so if you’re thinking about ordering hopefully this will give you a little peace of mind. The only catch is you do pay more than you would from the Colourpop website (as they need to make a profit) but to be honest I think with customs it would have been more expensive to order directly anyway. Right! Now onto the stuff you’re actually interested in…


I picked up just 3 things (it took me ages to decide what to get!). On RBS they only has a selection of Colourpop products so the choice was fairly limited. I’ve always wanted to try the product they are famous for – their matte lips- but I hate the feeling of matte liquid lipsticks so I opted for the newer satin formula. This is said to be much more comfy to wear and still fairly long lasting without being insanely drying. I chose the shade naked ladies which is a bright pinky coral with orange undertones. It’s actually a lot brighter than I thought it would be but after trying it for the first time I think the colour suits me so it’s all good! This is really pleasant to wear and does not crack or dry out over time. These are not completely transfer proof but that doesn’t bother me as wear normal lipsticks pretty much every day which do transfer.


I also really wanted to try out their eyeshadows so I got two shades. The first shade is deux which is a ‘mid tone warm brown’ and this had a pretty satin finish. On me this looks very bronzer-like which is definitely not what I expected but I like it. I often wear bronzer in the crease of my eye when wearing eyeshadows to add a bit of depth but hopefully this will be slightly longer lasting.

The other shade is quatre which is a ‘blackened brown’. I love this one! I’m such a neutral eyeshadow girl so this is perfect all over the lid or in the crease to add some definition.


The formula of this is so weird; they are a powder but to the touch they feel slightly jelly-like. I was quite shocked about how pigmented these shadows were, and after washing my hands a couple of times some of the colour from the swatches is still on my hands which is pretty impressive!

I’m so happy I tried out Colourpop and i’ll definitely be ordering some more products in the future so if you have any recommendations please let me know!

Have you ever tried Colourpop?

Jess x



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