Maggie Anne gel polish: Reviewed

Hi everyone, in this post i’m going to share my thoughts on a new nail polish brand I have recently discovered. Maggie Anne is a new brand of gel effect nail polishes that come in a large range of shades. The main selling point of these for me is the fact that the formula does not contain the 3 dangerous chemicals commonly found in polishes. They’re also free of other not so nice chemicals so you can polish without worry!


I tried out the shade Jasper which is a pink toned nude. This is definitely my kind of colour as its that kind of ‘my nails but better’ look. On first impressions I was surprised about how thick and glossy the polish applied on the first coat; usually it takes at least a couple to be fully opaque. I’m so lazy with nail polish and literally never remember to apply a base coat and when I took this off it didn’t stain my nails at all. Granted, it’s not a very bright colour so I would be interested to see what they are like too.

I would say the drying time of this formula is slightly longer than what i’m used to. If you’re a Barry M lover like me then you’ll be used to super speedy dry times. I think that is definitely due to them being a ‘gel’ so a lot thicker and glossier than normal.


In this photo I do have a topcoat on as well to make it last longer but they are pretty thick to begin with!

I also tried out their own nail polish remover – what I feel is an essential part in the whole manicure routine! There are three different fragrances and I have lemon and lime. These are described as ‘mouth watering’ so when this arrived I opened it and took the biggest sniff of all time expecting it to smell like a refreshing lemonade… It doesn’t. It’s more like a nail polish remover with a tiny hint of citrus. That being said it is slightly nicer than your bog standard remover which smells incredibly toxic!!

Overall I do think the quality of these polishes are amazing and worth their slightly higher price tag of Β£10-50. I would compare them to OPI which is a similar price so i’m really happy I tried this out!

If you want to try these out use code BLOGGER to get 20% off.

What’s your favourite nail polish brand?

Jess x


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