My MAC lipstick collection

Hello everybody, I thought I would talk through my MAC lipstick collection today. I don’t have a massive collection or anything, but I really love the ones I do have. I feel  like most people interested in beauty have owned at least one MAC lipstick – they’re such a cult product!



So the first one I ever bought was viva glam IV. I got this brand new from a boot sale for 50p… bargain! This is a rosey pink with berry undertones and a gold lustre (frost finish). It’s very pretty and I think it’s quite a unique shade. It’s definitely not an ‘everyday’ shade for me but as we are coming into autumn / fall I think writing this post will remind me to wear it again.

I love the idea of the viva glam range as all of the selling price of the lipsticks are donated to MAC’s AIDS fund.

The newest addition to my MAC collection is the shade spirit. This is a pinky beige with brown undertones. I love this for when I want to focus on the eyes but still have something on the lips. It is (for me) very brown which I actually really like. I don’t own many Kylie Jenner esque lip colours like this but this has converted me a little bit. I love that this is a satin finish which is semi-matte. It makes it a bit more long lasting which is definitely a plus. I’ve read a few reviews which said that it was a bit drying; for me I don’t find them drying at all and i’ve got pretty dry lips!

I bought the shade syrup on recommendation from Lily Pebbles who I watch regularly on YouTube. This one’s a much more mauve toned pink and this is a lustre finish which means it’s a ‘semi gloss’. This is the most sheer formula that i’ve tried and it is a nice change when you don’t a really bold lip product.

My last lipstick is fanfare and it’s my most used by far. It’s an orangey pink (the swatch doesn’t really do it justice). This is a cremesheen which is very shiny and pretty. This was in my bridesmaid’s makeup post as I wore it to my cousin’s wedding which I think shows I really like it! I dropped this on my carpet the other day and smushed the top which is really annoying (anyone else share my pain?).


Sorry the swatches look like they were done by a five year old I was using my opposite hand and I should have known it would be a complete fail haha… 

So there’s my current MAC lipstick collection. I’m sure I will add more in the near future as who can resist the MAC counter? I certainly can’t…

Jess x


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