Bilou 2in1 bodysprays

A new brand has hit the beauty market, and i’ve got to say i’m kind of in love. When I kindly get send products I usually always try them out fully before forming my opinion (or featuring them on my blog) but to be totally honest I took one sniff of these and did a little squeal of delight! It’s safe to say i’ve been smelling like fizzy berries a whole lot recently.

Bilou is a new brand that have come out with 3 different products; shower foams, cream foams (body moisturisers) and these 2in1 body sprays which i’ve been trying out. I really like their 2in1 concept, it seems like such an obvious product to make but I can’t remember seeing anything quite like these on the beauty market. As well as making you smell great they also claim to reduce that tight feeling your skin can have if its dry. I definitely think these body sprays have some great ingredients in as when I spritz them onto my arms they do feel softer!


As with most body sprays, these have a much more diluted fragrance than a perfume would. I wouldn’t expect to smell these on myself all day but I really don’t mind that as a lot of the time I would choose these over wearing proper perfume which to me a lot of the time is very headache inducing! I did also want to mention that the actual scents of these are lovely and don’t smell very artificial but they do actually smell like what it says on the bottle.

If you are intrigued to try these out then Bilou is now being stocked in Superdrug in the UK and all of the products are £3.99 each. I’d totally suggest going in and having a sniff if I were you..

I really hope this brand expands their product range as I would love to see what else they could make with these amazing scents.

Jess x

this post contains PR samples



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