Lord & Berry- 20 yrs in fashion collection

Lord & Berry is a brand i’ve known about for ages but until recently i’d never actually tried anything out. They always seem to have really unique concepts for products which definitely piques my interest! The brand is rooted in the fashion industry, which means they definitely create some more ‘out there’ products which is great if you like creating different makeup looks or even just experimenting.

The brand has just recently celebrated their 20th birthday, and with that they have created a mini collection called 20 years in fashion which includes some products from their best selling lines. The kit includes 4 eyeshadows and a beautiful lip crayon too (i’ve also got a couple of bits from their original line too here).


The first time I saw these eyeshadow shades I immediately thought there’s no way I could wear any of those on my eyes (stay with me here!). I’m such a neutral girl and that’s just what I feel suits me but every now and then I crack out one of my eyeshadow palettes and create a more bold, colourful look. I love on my brown eyes wearing a purple eyeshadow over the lid which I soften with a warm crease shade as it still incorporates a splash of colour but in a more wearable way. I also wanted to mention how useful the yellow shade is if you’re doing a warm toned eye – it’s great as a transition shade and it really does make everything else you pair with it stand out more.

The lip product in this collection really surprised me as I think I was expecting something a lot bolder but it’s actually a beautiful lip crayon in the shade ‘Pinkish Orange’ which kind of self-explanatory!  I love the glossy finish and this is of course very comfortable to wear as it helps the lips stay moisturised all day too. This also feels like it has some ‘grip’ on the lips, and won’t just slide straight off which tends to happen with more shiny finishes.

All in all I think this 20 years collection is so fun and would suit any makeup lover who loves to wear a bit of colour.


I’ve also been trying out a couple of bits from L&B’s original line including a kissproof liquid lipstick in the shade timeless. This is a beautiful deep, brown nude which I love wearing by patting a small amount into the lips. It looks beautiful and effortless and this formula is very comfortable on the lips which is a major bonus.

Lastly, i’d highly recommend the smudgeproof eyeliners to anyone that wants a super soft pencil that will stay in place all day. For me it’s the perfect combo between being soft enough that it’s nice to apply but also long-wearing so it doesn’t smudge either. Win win!

I am so impressed by this brand and I just think the quality of the products is amazing. They are all such a pleasure to use and I definitely look forward to trying some more bits from this brand!

Jess x

this post contains PR samples 


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