AA Skincare shampoo bars – hit or miss?

For the past couple of years I feel like i’ve been battling with my hair. I’ve mentioned before that I got really bad product build up in my hair that meant it looked greasy and unwashed all the time (even when i’d washed it that same day). I tried so many different products including clarifying shampoos which gave me minimal results so I was definitely ready for the AA haircare products to come into my life. If you read my last hair review of the AA shampoo and conditioner you’ll know I got on really well with them so when I saw that they released shampoo ‘bars’ I was so interested to see the results.


They’ve come out with a range of different bars to suit different hair types but as i’ve got super dry, frizzy hair I was instantly drawn to the coconut one. This is said to add lustre, shine and softness and I really do agree.

When I first heard about these I struggled to find a purpose for such a product unless maybe you travel a lot and want a shampoo that you know isn’t going to leak out everywhere (which is so irritating if I do say so myself). But since trying them out I definitely ‘get it’ now. These little bars are so convenient to use and lather up so easily under some warm running water. I’ve been using mine for over a month and it’s still pretty much the same size it was in the beginning which makes me think this thing is going to last forever!

Also for me personally I can say I also get on with these so well because they lather up so quickly in the hair. I think my product build up probably came from using extremely nourishing shampoos all the time and also not lathering them up in the hair properly (which means it’s really hard to wash all of the product out if you get where i’m coming from). The coconut shampoo bar leaves my hair feeling squeaky clean and soft every time which is my perfect combination.


At just under £6 for a 50g bar I can definitely say from my point of view it’s worth it. These bars are made from all natural ingredients which is of course a huge benefit but also I think these will last you just as long as a standard bottle of shampoo or maybe even a bit longer.

I’m definitely a convert to these and I honestly cannot see myself going back to traditional liquid shampoo any time soon!

Have you tried shampoo bars before?

Jess x

this post contains PR samples


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