Summer Survival Essentials

As i’m sure you are well aware if you live in the UK, it’s been *very* hot here the past few days. I feel like i’m melting whilst writing this! So i’ve put together my summer essentials that are helping me to get smoothly through these hot days and might help some of you reading who are suffering slightly too!


They say ‘safety first’ so that’s what i’ll do. The Ladival sun cream has been my faithful friend not just the past week but this entire year! This helps me to never burn and I really feel protected when I wear this. I also always put this on my face before makeup as it helps to protect my sensitive skin and also provides a great base for makeup too.

Another product I think is great is the Lypsyl SPF 50 lip balm. This is made especially for this warmer weather and is great if you suffer from dry and cracked lips this time of year. I just think this is such an easy way to protect yourself from sun damage.

Onto more fun stuff i’m back into using the Garnier summer body gradual tan moisturiser. I cannot be bothered to do any sort of proper tanning so for me this is the perfect alternative. This goes on like a normal moisturiser and gradually develops into a lovely tanned colour after a few hours. After lots of trial (and error) with this I would say my top tip is to apply some normal moisturiser beforehand and then apply this as otherwise you are definitely prone to getting streaks!

I also love the NUXE shimmer oil to apply to my arms and legs. It’s kind of hard to describe but it just makes everything look better. I think a little bit of shimmer just makes your skin look really glowy and pretty and the oil is great to get rid of any dry patches on the skin. Win win!

A super new product which i’m so excited to show you is The Body Shop’s amazonian saviour balm. This has just been released and is honestly so good. It’s basically a balm that transforms into an oil on contact with the skin and you can use this for so many different areas such as dry knees, cuticles and even on the lips too. Such an amazing multipurpose product for this time of year and is small enough to fit in your handbag which is where you’re most likely to need it too when you’re out and about.

Moving onto makeup there’s definitely a few things you can do to make your makeup look better when it’s really hot. I’ve been absolutely loving the Touch In Sol moisture veil cushion foundation as it is really light and easy to apply but has SPF 50 which is great to have especially if you have sensitive skin that’s prone to getting burnt (don’t forget that foundation alone isn’t enough SPF you need to wear the proper stuff too). This also has a satin finish which means it doesn’t slide off of your face or make you look sweaty but also isn’t as heavy as a matte foundation. This has such good coverage too!

Another makeup essential for me has been the Nip + Fab colour corrector in the green shade. I have rosacea on my jawline and when I get even remotely warm my whole face turns a pleasant shade of tomato so this has been a life safer. I just buff a little bit of this onto my main red areas and it just helps to provide a more even base before foundation which also means I can get away with wearing a lot less of it.


I bought the Tanya Burr Cosmetics peachy flush palette ages ago and have just got it out again as it’s perfect for this time of year. It’s got a bronzer, blush and highlight which all have quite a subtle shimmer running through them which looks very pretty with a minimal makeup look. For me I don’t wear the blush as it’s got gold shimmers in it which are a bit too much for me but the bronzer and highlight are lovely.

If you want a more low maintenance version of a lipstick then I totally recommend the Dr Pawpaw tinted lip balms. These feel so lovely on the lips and also provide a subtle hint of colour too. I’ve been reaching for the peachy shade a lot as it just goes with every makeup look and helps to keep my lips hydrated all day which is such a bonus.

If there’s any time to crack out the old COLAB ‘paradise’ scented dry shampoo it’s definitely now. This smells like a tropical dream and the scent stays in your hair for ages which I absolutely love. I use lots more dry shampoo this time of year as i’m sweating more (TMI, sorry!) and this helps to keep my hair looking and feeling fresh. I also really recommend the ‘active’ version of this as it works more the more you sweat!

Lastly I thought i’d throw in here my absolute favourite nail polish formula as it’s probably all i’ll be using this summer. The Barry M coconut infusion range stays by far the longest on my nails than any other formula i’ve tried and it comes in loads of funky colours and more muted ones too. I’m loving this nudey beige shade at the moment as it looks great with a bit of a tan and just looks really effortless too.

So there you go! My summer beauty essentials. I hope this might help some of you a little bit as it can be so hard for a lot of people to feel comfortable in this weather and these products are definitely helping me a lot.

What are your summer essentials?

Jess x

this post contains PR samples


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