AA skincare shampoo and conditioner

Recently AA skincare have come out with a new conditioner to match their original shampoo line. There’s lots of different fragrances on offer depending on what suits you including the cedarwood and peppermint scent I featured a while back in the shower and bath gel form. This time I thought I would try a new scent so I went for rose and pomegranate. This smells lovely and I would say is quite heavily rose based so if that’s not your thing then you probably wouldn’t want this one. I’m not the biggest fan of rose in makeup products but on my hair I actually quite like it as it smells quite sophisticated but not grannyish!

In terms of formula, I love the shampoo because it feels like it’s doing a great job of cleaning my hair and scalp without stripping it or leaving any heavy residue. I’ve been having a real issue with product build up in the underneath sections of my hair so i’m super aware of using thick shampoos at the moment! It lathers up really well so you don’t have to use too much product which is great and of course means the bottle lasts longer too.


The conditioner was a real surprise for me as i’ve never used anything quite like it. It’s in the traditional creamy form which you can apply to the hair and leave for a few minutes to do it’s magic. But when you wash it out it is gone straight away and there’s no immediate silky smooth feeling like with your standard conditioner but instead i’ve found it leaves the hair very soft and nourished when dry. If you can get past the initial application and wash off then I promise you’ll feel the benefits afterwards. I genuinely feel like my hair loves these products and what’s even better is that they are made without sulphates, parabens or artificial fragrances.

At just under six pounds per bottle these are definitely on the slightly higher priced end but that being said they are made with great ingredients which for me justifies the price. I’m definitely going to continue to use this duo as i’m loving how they leave my hair.

What’s your current go to shampoo?

Jess x

this post contains PR samples

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