Kiko haul

A few months ago I did a cheeky little Kiko order for some of the products in their sale section. Even though the products are pretty affordable already I do love a good bargain and as Kiko are constantly bringing out limited edition ranges it’s a great way to nab some unique products at a discounted price when that range comes to an end. Here’s what I bought…


So as bronzer is definitely my ‘thing’ I couldn’t resist one of their flower enriched bronzers. These are still available I believe and definitely worth picking up if you see it. I have the lightest shade which creates a subtle colour and perfect for more natural makeup days. I tend to use quite a big fluffy brush with this and sweep around the perimeter of the face which looks lovely. It’s got a great creamy texture which I would expect from Kiko as the quality of their powder products is usually excellent!

I also got a blusher which was definitely limited edition so i’m not sure you can get this anymore, sorry!! The good news is though that they tend to bring out quite similar products in their collections so keep an eye out. The one i’ve got is the desert dunes baked blusher which is so beautiful and is honestly one of the most pigmented blushers i’ve ever used. Such good value for money! I’m usually not even a blusher girl at all but this is what I use now when I want a pop of colour.


I picked up a couple of eye products too. I love cream eyeshadows so much and was very interested to see what Kiko’s formula is like so I picked this beautiful rusty plum colour which looks great with my brown eyes. You can do either a light wash of colour or build it up for a more intense look. This formula is definitely a lot more whipped in consistency in comparison to something like the Maybelline colour tattoos which means you need less product but does mean it can crease a little bit more easily.Β I also got just a standard powder eyeshadow in a taupe shade as this sort of colour is great for defining the crease and lower lash line.

Lastly I also got another one of their smart lipsticks in a peachy nude shade as I absolutely love this formula; it’s like a lip balm and lipstick in one which feels so comfortable on the lips.

I love Kiko as a brand and I feel like the quality of the products is so great for the money.

Have you tried this brand before?

Jess x


17 thoughts on “Kiko haul

  1. sarahscupofbeauty says:

    Nice haul! The packaging is really pretty! I hear many rave about this brand. And I’ve purchased twice in their store already. But somehow, I haven’t fallen in love with the brand yet. I’ve used their lipsticks, which weren’ very impressive, nor were their glosses. I haven’t tried any powder yet though… xoxo Sarah

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