7th heaven face masks – rate or hate?

I’m a massive fan of face masks; I usually do about one or two a week depending on how my skin is and what problem areas I want to target. I’ve also tried a lot of face masks out over the last few years but one brand I haven’t used in forever is 7th heaven. If you don’t recognise the name I think they used to be called Montagne Jeunesse and i’m sure you would have seen these masks pretty much everywhere as I would say they’re one of the most well know face mask brands out there. They really remind me of sleepovers when I was much younger… anyone else??


I was really pleased to find that they’ve extended the range to include not just face masks but hair and even sock masks for your feet too. To me that’s such a great idea as you could have a full on pamper session with all these products!

I absolutely love the black seaweed peel off masque. I don’t think i’ve ever tried a peel off mask before so this was a first experiencing how satisfying it is to peel off. The consistency of the mask is really unique; it feels almost like glue when you apply it as it’s really sticky and gloopy but I guess that’s what makes it peel off your face. I left my mask on until it was fully dried but not too try and that worked really well when it came to removal. I have dry skin so I was slightly apprehensive to try this as it says it’s for combination to oily skin but I didn’t experience any irritation when using this. If I was going to get this again I would probably focus it on my T zone only which is where I get quite large, visible pores and also blemishes too. It’s great for really deep cleaning the skin so i’d recommend using this no more than weekly.

The hair masks by 7th heaven have lots of amazing ingredients in to nourish and even help repair your hair. I’m definitely drawn to the argan oil rescue masque as this is aimed at frizzy, dry hair which I have. They also have on offer a papaya version as well as a coconut mask and a manuka honey one too.


All of these products are usually around £1 and come in individual sachets so they’re great for travelling too. These are also completely cruelty free and vegetarian which is amazing. Oh how I love a good mask!

Have you tried this brand before?

Jess x

this post contains PR samples


11 thoughts on “7th heaven face masks – rate or hate?

  1. Daniela says:

    I tried some of these and think they are not nad and good for people who like experimenting and trying different masks, especially if you have a pamering session with hand and foot masks you mentioned. For the price I really can’t fault them.

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  2. othermichelle says:

    Oh, I really wanted to like these! I picked some up at walmart and the first was one of the charcoal ones. A few minutes after I put it on it started to burn really painfully, so I just ended up washing it off almost right away. Then I tried a different one, it was light blue in color, and smelled like tooth paste! I left it on the whole time, but it didn’t do much for my skin. Are there other brands that you really like or would suggest?

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