Nature’s Soap mermaid bath treasure set

I haven’t spoken about Nature’s Soap for a while so I thought it was about time I gave them some love. You know I love their lip balms so I was so interested to see what new products they’ve brought out recently! I’ve got here their beautiful mermaid bath treasure set which is part of their free spirit range in which all the products definitely have a mystical theme to them which is really interesting.



This set contains the following items:

  • Seaweed and mint soap
  • Coral bath melt
  • Mermaid lip balm
  • Mermaid dust
  • Sea star bath bomb

If you have sensitive skin I highly recommend their soap as it doesn’t cause irritation and instead soothes the skin leaving it super soft and clean. I so often have dry feeling skin after using soap so to find a kinder one is great.

A really exciting addition to the Nature’s Soap range is their bath products. They’ve got a huge selection available in lots of different scents and shapes to suit everyone. In this set you get a coral bath melt which contains lovely ingredients such as shea butter. There’s also a sea star bath bomb, which is your conventional bath bomb but when placed in the water reveals a gorgeous greeny-blue inside which totally makes me feel like a mermaid goddess. This also smells amazing too of course! Lastly for this set is quite a novel and interesting product called mermaid dust. I love this stuff. As soon as you sprinkle it into the bath it immediately turns an amazing bright turquoise colour and you’re also hit with a peppermint fragrance; it’s lovely.

I feel like all the products in the range really work in conjunction with each other too as the scents are all quite similar so feel free to use more than one for a magical bath concoction!

There’s of course a little lip balm in the set too; the perfect way to finish your pamper time.


I’m so in love with this little kit, the products from this company always smell absolutely delightful and I know they will do wonders for my skin too. For Β£12 I think this is an absolute steal and would make the perfect gift for someone you love!

Jess x

this post contains gifted items


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