Miss Beauty lip + eye crayons

Miss Beauty is a brand that i’ve featured on my blog before when I did a post about beauty on a budget. They’ve recently released some new products including new lip and eye crayons that I definitely wanted to share with you. I think the quality of their products is outstanding, especially when you consider the price too.


So as far as I know there’s 3 crayons for eyes and 3 for lips. Starting with the eyes, all the shades have a slight shimmer but they’re not very OTT so perfect for everyday or for heavier nighttime looks. They’re all super creamy and pigmented and can definitely rival (and maybe even beat) a lot of my other high end eye crayons. I have one from Nars that literally feels like i’m dragging my eyelid along with the crayon which is not great. I don’t have that problem with these at all which is a major plus for me as I hate feeling like i’m pulling at my eyelids.

There’s one shade that is a champagne type colour which is perfect for highlighting the inner corner of your eyes. I’ve been doing this so much and it’s a great tip to make you look more awake and can also give the illusion of bigger eyes too.  I’ve also experimented with using the darkest, chocolate shade as an eyeliner on the upper lash line which actually worked really well as it was super easy to do and isn’t as harsh or intense as a black pencil liner.

The lip crayons are also good, but definitely for me they’re not quite as good as the eye ones. All 3 shades are quite bright which is not what I often reach for, but saying that I do think the pink one is great for a pop of colour. They have great pigmentation but definitely aren’t quite as moisturising as some other lip crayons i’ve tried. I definitely think it’s up to you as to whether you’d love a slightly cheap and cheerful lipstick for £1 (yes really it’s that cheap!) or whether it’s worth spending a bit more for something slightly more nourishing.

I do think at the price it’s hard to go wrong with this brand and at the moment I think the eye crayons are a great little product to have in your makeup bag.

Jess x

this post contains PR samples


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