New Nip + Fab cosmetics

I love a new makeup launch and one of the most exciting ones for me recently has been from Nip + Fab. They’ve just released their first range of cosmetics and i’ve got lots of it to show you…


So they’ve got everything from foundation to liquid lipsticks and I think it’s quite a big range for a first launch.  This isn’t the entire range but I think it shows kind of what the brand has to offer. From what I can understand Nip + Fab have created their makeup around the latest makeup trends which is quite a cool and different concept. Their aim is to be able to ‘create the perfect Instagram ready look using minimal products’.

One of my favourite products out of everything i’ve tried is the contour pallete. Of course contouring has been a huge trend recently but I do think it’s quite hard to do contour powders well and get them the right undertone so they don’t look orange or too ashy either. The one i’ve got is actually the ‘dark’ version which is probably not what i’d choose but it still works really well at sculpting the face. I’m really enjoying using the Spectrum rain glow fan brush to apply this which I actually featured in a recent post as I love it so much!

Another product that had really surprised me are the liquid lipsticks. I have never been that much of a fan of them purely because I never found one with a formula I liked but these Nip + Fab ones have actually changed my mind. I love the shade marshmallow as it’s the perfect nude on me; it’s not too pale but is kind of a your lips but better shade. It seems to darken a bit as it dries too which i’ve never seen before so don’t worry if you buy this shade and put it on and panic because it looks pale!


A really interesting launch for me is the foundation. They’ve got a pretty alright shade range in my opinion but what’s a little bit special is they’ve released darkening and lightening ‘mixer’ foundations so you can adjust your foundation to be a perfect match. I think this would be most useful going into summer as your face changes colour slightly (and the same in winter too). I also think if you’re super duper pale then the white foundation mixer just might be your new best friend. It’s pretty unusual to see this sort of product in a high street store so i’m pretty excited about these.

Nip + Fab have also come out with colour correctors too. The formula is great and really creamy but I would advise using a light hand as they’re super pigmented. My fave is the yellow shade which I use under my eyes before concealer to help with my dark circles. If you’re a bit confused about colour correcting, these are the rules I usually stick to:

Green – helps with redness and blemish scarring
Yellow – highlighting (especially the under eye area)
Terracotta – cancels out dark circles and dark spots
Lavender – helps with yellow undertones

The only one out of these I probably wouldn’t use is the lavender / blue one as I have very yellow undertones in general and would probably have to apply this over my entire face which isn’t that practical!

I am so impressed by this range and a lot of these products have made their way into my everyday makeup bag which definitely shows i’m loving them. I can’t wait to see what else this brand releases in the future!

Jess x

this post contains PR samples


14 thoughts on “New Nip + Fab cosmetics

  1. thoughtfulpigeon says:

    I didn’t realise they’d released a makeup range. I do like some of their skincare products and the fact you can mix the foundation colours sounds great as I tend to find it hard to find a shade that matches me. Will have to keep an eye out for these and see if I can find a store near me that stocks them

    Liked by 1 person

  2. myperfectentropy says:

    I loved this post ☺️Yesterday a friend of mine gave me the highlight palette 01 and the green corrector. This morning I tried the palette and I am not sure… they look quite chalky, but the colours are gorgeous!!! I will have to give another try xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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