Spectrum Rain Glow brush

Recently there’s been a new trend hitting the beauty world which involves using massive fan brushes to contour the face. I am so into this idea as it looked like the perfect way to get a defined but not heavy contour look. Saying that I didn’t manage to get my hands on one of these big fan brushes until Spectrum released a new baby called the Rain Glow. I kind of knew even before I tried it that I was probably going to love it as the quality of this brand is outstanding and so trustworthy.


It says on the Spectrum website that this is a ‘jumbo’ brush and it definitely is. It’s meant to either apply highlighter or contour onto the face easily and quickly because it’s so big. It works really well with highlight but I just have to be slightly careful about where I place the brush on my cheekbones as it kind of has the tendency to apply highlighter absolutely everywhere (but who says that’s a bad thing, heh?). My favourite thing to use this for by far is to sculpt as it’s so simple to get a great looking result. I just dip the brush into my contour and sweep the brush back and fourth in the hollows of my cheeks.Β This is also great for the body if you fancied applying a little bit of bronzer onto the neck or chest area too.

This is Β£19.99 on their website which I think is on the slightly more expensive side but then again I can see why it’s that price as there’s a load more bristles needed to create the brush. Spectrum brushes for me last for ages so they’re definitely a great little investment for any beauty lover!

This is my go to brush at the moment to sculpt and I think it will continue to be too. Plus… just look how pretty it is. Oh my gahd.

Jess x

this post contains PR samples


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