Quick makeup edit

Even though i’d love to spend hours every day playing with all my lovely makeup, realistically on a day to day basis sadly that isn’t really possible. I’ve definitely refined my everyday makeup down to just some key products that are generally quick to use and no fuss. It’s kind of like my makeup ‘uniform’ if you will!


Firstly, i’m still using the Soap & Glory speed plump moisturiser as the first step in my makeup routine. It’s very hydrating and provides a great base for whatever you want to put on top of it.

You may have noticed there’s no foundation in my photo flatlay. I could pass this off as me saying I don’t wear foundation every day but I actually do pretty much and kind of just forgot to include it in the photo.  Oops. My faves include The Body Shop’s fresh nude foundation and Rimmel’s match perfection. Both of these are medium coverage but very easy to blend and lightweight on the skin. They’re also both on the more glowy side which is definitely my preferred finish.

I’m slightly fickle with concealer; i’ve never really found a holy grail one that I love so I tend to switch around quite a lot. At the moment i’ve been using the Rimmel lasting finish concealer which is a creamy, thick formula which helps to cover my dark circles quite well. If you are rushed for time in the morning though I totally recommend liquid concealers as they are the quickest to blend!

Even on my very quick makeup days I always set my undereyes and cheeks with a bit of powder to help everything stay in place. I’ve been using the Soap & Glory kick ass powder for ages and it’s served me well! Pressed powders are also quite a lot quicker to use in my opinion than faffing around with a loose one in a pot; those ones I also tend to spill all down myself (can anyone else relate??) and ruin my trousers which is not great when you’re pressed for time.

I’m totally not a blush person so that definitely doesn’t feature in my everyday makeup look but I do love a bit of bronzer / contour. I do tend to switch up what i’m using quite a lot to give me a chance to try out new products and at the moment i’m using this Wet n Wild megaglow contouring palette. It’s such a great drugstore find which I bought off of Amazon as I live in the UK and sadly can’t buy this brand in-store. It’s a great colour I find for defining the cheeks but doesn’t give that really obvious stripe often associated with contour powders. I recommend using a light hand with this though as it’s super finely milled and is quite easy to pick up too much product onto your brush.


For eyes I love to keep it really simple with a cream eyeshadow of some sort. I recently bought this one from Kiko which is such a beautiful plum colour which can be used lightly for a wash of colour of built up to provide quite an intense look. I tend to use a little synthetic brush to apply but you can just as easily use your finger to make it even easier.

I definitely cannot be doing winged eyeliner everyday (mainly because i’m pretty rubbish at it!) so I heavily rely on my trusted DHC brown gel eyeliner to help define my eyes and help them stand out. I literally just put this in my waterline and that’s it; it’s so easy to use and really creamy so it doesn’t tug at my eyes which is a major plus for me.

For mascara I love the W7 absolute lashes as it’s super long lasting and doesn’t smudge. I’ve also found this to be pretty waterproof too so for me this is a great all rounder. I only need to do one coat of this to get lengthened and voluminised lashes. The only downside is that it’s a bit of a pain to remove! I also of course have to curl my eyelashes beforehand too and i’m still using the ones from Dream Beauty Box which are great and of course it doesn’t hurt that they’re rose gold too…

I think i’ve found my all time fave brow pencil which is the Soap & Glory archery pencil. It’s the perfect colour match for me and I love how small and detailed the nib is as it means I can draw in little lines to mimic actual brow hairs which I think looks the most natural. I think this one’s going to be hard to beat!

Lastly for lips I still love the NYX liquid suede in soft spoken. It’s a really flattering dark nude that is quite low maintenance but still long lasting as well.

So that’s my current everyday go to makeup! I love the finished look and I think it’s so satisfying when you find makeup that works for you.

Jess x



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