Benecos new launches

Ever since I first tried out Benecos i’ve been so impressed with their products. They’ve recently released a few new products that are definitely perfect for Spring… I mean just look at the packaging!!


First up, and one of the things I was most excited about are the cleansing wipes. Even though i’m pretty good about properly cleansing my face with an oil to remove makeup, I still find makeup wipes handy for loads of different reasons. If i’m feeling really lazy then wipes are a great option to remove makeup easily, as well as being great for wiping off makeup swatches for blog posts etc. I also love using these wipes to clean up fallout when doing my eyeshadow which is a great trick if you don’t do that already! These wipes are made from 100% cotton so they’re super soft and they also smell great too. Some of the ingredients include orange water, mango and aloe-vera extract which help to care for your skin.  As far as removing makeup is concerned, these do a good job of removing all the tougher areas such as mascara but I still don’t think i’ve come across a wipe that is quite as effective as an oil cleanser!

Benecos have also added a range of lip balms to their collection which currently come in 4 different scents (classic, mint, orange, raspberry) which all sound pretty mouthwatering if you ask me. The formula is super nourishing and contains jojoba oil, olive oil and shea butter to help keep your lips soft all day.

Lastly there’s been a new shade addition to their nail polish line too. The Benecos ‘Maverick’ nail polish is a super bright purple shade which is really beautiful for spring. I genuinely don’t think i’ve ever used a nail polish quite as opaque as this; it’s amazing. I get about 3 days of wear from this before I put on another touch up coat which I think is pretty average (I didn’t use a base or top coat either). Another thing to note is that this polish is 6 free, meaning it’s free of lots of nasty chemicals commonly found in nail polishes which is amazing.

I really like these new launches from Benecos, I think the packaging is so cute and of course the products inside are great too!

Have you tried out this brand before?

Jess x

this post contains PR samples

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