Joan Collins Beauty – revisited

If you’ve read my blog for a while you might remember I did a little review post on the Joan Collins Beauty concealer. I really loved it (and still do!) and now I have a couple more products from the brand to share my thoughts on. I’ve got an eyeshadow quad in moody browns and also an eyebrow compact – both of which i’ve been using for a couple of months now.


So first up is the eyeshadow quad. There’s two different versions, one with blacks and greys and one with more browns and golds. I love the brown one as it has everything you need to create a pretty eye look but the actual palette is very sleek and small so really easy to travel with too. I am really partial to a matte shade and this pallete has 3, so it’s a real winner for me when I want a simple but defined eye. There’s also a pretty shimmer gold shade on the end which is lovely when patted onto the lid with your finger (you definitely get the most pigment that way i’ve found!). This is Β£25 which is definitely not cheap but if you don’t mind splashing out slightly more than this is lovely. The swatches shown below definitely don’t do it justice; the shadows are great quality and really long lasting so it’s definitely worth it in my opinion…



I’ve also been trying out the JCB brow definition kit – this just comes in one universal shade which is slightly disappointing as I know it wouldn’t suit everyone. That being said though it does have three powders in all different tones including Β matte cream shade so I guess you could mix them to match your brows if they’re on the darker side. I would love to see them come out with a lighter version though for fairer people. Something I really love about this is that it has a clear wax which you can use before or after powder to keep brow hairs in place a bit more and it’s also great to help the powders stick and last longer if you apply it beforehand.

Everything i’ve tried from Joan Collins Beauty has always been great quality and i’m definitely excited to see what else this brand releases in the future!

Have you tried this brand before?

Jess x

this post contains PR samplesΒ 

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