Dr.PawPaw – worth the hype?

Over the past year or so i’ve constantly seen the brand Dr.PawPaw on my social media. The brand has created a special balm which can be used in countless ways; from lips to cuticles to hands it seems to have endless uses and seems like it should be a staple in everyone’s handbags. Dr.PawPaw also have a couple of tinted versions which got me really intrigued as I love tinted lip products- they’re so effortlessly easy for minimal makeup looks. I’ve been trying them out and i’m here to give you my thoughts!


First off – the ‘tinted’ balms are super pigmented. I was so surprised when I first put the red one on as I was expecting a subtle bit of colour but it was pretty full on. I’ve found though that as you blend it in with your finger it seems to sheer out a lot which I like. I feel like for the red one you’d definitely need a mirror handy but you could get away with applying the peachy pink one without. My favourite of the two shades is the pinky one as it’s super wearable for everyday.

In terms of the formula, it’s quite a hard one to describe. It definitely has that slightly oily, Vaseline type feel which I don’t mind but might not be for everyone. It’s really nourishing on the lips and although the colour fades away quite quickly I do feel like my lips stay hydrated for quite a while which is great.


I love using these balms under other lip products too as I feel like they really prep my lips, especially when i’m using a matte or liquid lipstick on top. I’m really into these at the moment and can see that these would be super useful on the go as they have so many different uses. I’ve also seen that these work well on the cheeks to add a subtle, glowy colour so i’m definitely going to try that too.

These aren’t the cheapest lip balms ever but if you want something that can be extra helpful in your beauty life I think these are worth purchasing!

Have you tried Dr.PawPaw?

Jess x

this post contains PR samplesΒ 



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