COLAB paradise dry shampoo

As some of you will know, ever since COLAB was launched it’s been my go-to dry shampoo brand. I couldn’t believe how affordable it was as the product is so good, it soaks up any excess oil at the roots without leaving a white stain. The brand has just released a new scent called ‘paradise’ which as you can probably guess is quite tropical, slightly perfumed with a hint of coconut. It’s pretty divine if you ask me. This is definitely my favourite scent they’ve released so far, and trust me i’ve tried them all (oops).


If you’ve never tried COLAB before you’re missing out; the formula is so lightweight which means your hair doesn’t feel really full of product which can often happen with the more powdery dry shampoos i’ve tried before. It just leaves your hair feeling refreshed which is exactly what you want.

The big 200ml can is £3.49 but it’s always on offer in superdrug if you fancy saving yourself some money!

Have you tried this brand before?

Jess x

this post contains a PR sample

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