The Body Shop brushes – rate or hate?

I’m a huge fan of The Body Shop’s makeup, but i’d never really thought about trying out the brushes they do until quite recently. All of the brushes they make are cruelty free and totally synthetic, as well as having sustainably- sourced wooden handles. I think it’s great that more beauty companies are starting to realise just how great synthetic brushes can be as they can be used with creams and liquids as well as powders, and are also super easy to clean. Here’s just a handful of brushes TBS currently have in their range…


The type of bristles on these is quite hard to describe. They’re super dense and don’t really feel like hair (but not in a bad way). They’re super soft and pick up product really nicely which is great. It’s important to note that i’m pretty sure these bristles are different to their original brush line, and you can tell the difference as the originals are more brown and these are grey.

I’ve been really enjoying using the buffing brush with my BB cream as the first step in my makeup routine. It blends super flawlessly and as it’s quite dense it really makes makeup look like part of the skin rather than sitting on top which I really enjoy.


The fan brush is great for when you want to apply highlighter in quite a controlled way as opposed to a big fluffy brush which disperses a lot more onto the face. I’ve been using this with the 2True rainbow highlighter as it’s really easy to pick out one or two shades. So handy!

The eyeshadow brushes are also great in my opinion; they work so well with Colourpop shadows too. If you’ve ever used Colourpop super shock eyeshadows you’ll know they have a weird creamy powdery texture which means that a lot of brushes don’t pick up the colour or blend it out very well. So it’s really handy to know I have brushes I can rely on when using those shadows. Also I love, and I mean love, the flat shader brush for lining the upper lash line with black or brown eyeshadow. It’s the perfect shape and size.

These brushes are of a pretty average price I would say, ranging from around £8 to £14. I think these are totally worth the money and as they’re super easy to get hold of I think it’s a winning combination!

Have you ever tried brushes from The Body Shop?

Jess x

this post contains PR samples

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