Lipcote + Browcote – worth the hype?

I feel like Lipcote has been around forever. It’s supposed to be the ‘original lipstick sealer’ to help keep your lip products in place all day. I’ve been trying it out and i’ve definitely got some thoughts on it to share with you!

Before applying the sealer you’re first supposed to apply lipstick as normal, blot and then repeat. You then brush over Lipcote and leave to dry for a few seconds. It’s really easy to use but at the moment it comes with a brush and I think using a doe foot applicator instead would mean you get a much more even application.

When I first opened the little bottle that it comes in I was surprised at how liquidy the formula is. I was kind of expecting it to be quite thick and glide over your lipstick leaving it really shiny; it definitely doesn’t work like that. It’s a thin formula that when brushed over lipstick dries super fast and slightly matte too. I’ve tried this with every lip product imaginable and I personally think it works best with more matte / satin lipsticks.

Something I really have to warn you about is the smell. This stuff is strong and i’m sure it will be too much for a lot of people which is such a shame because the product is actually great. There’s also a slight tingling sensation when it’s first applied which doesn’t bother me, but again after reading some reviews of this it might not be for everyone.

So does it actually work? Yes, I think it does. I’ve had varying results with this depending on the lip product I used but I think this would be most useful for parties / eating out when you don’t want lipstick to transfer onto your drinks glass. For me it’s not really an everyday kind of product but definitely one I would recommend having in your makeup collection for when you want slightly more heavy duty, smudge-proof and kiss-proof lipstick. It’s also a pretty reasonable price at around £3-99.

Also, Lipcote have recently created a new product for the brows called Browcote. It’s basically a clear brow gel with the claims that it will tame your brows and set any brow products into place for hours.

I use brow gel every single day without fail and i’m always on the hunt for the next best one so I was so intruiged to try this. It’s actually a really lovely formula, it doesn’t set your brows so they’re rock hard or hurt, they stay soft and give a feathery look which i’m totally into. I also think the brush on it is a great size as it grabs every hair without putting too much gel onto the brows which is never a good look!

Overall i’m pretty much loving these products at the moment and I do think they’re worth the hype. I think they’re a slightly love or hate product so you’ll just have to try it out for yourself…

Have you ever tried these?

Jess x

this post contains PR samples


3 thoughts on “Lipcote + Browcote – worth the hype?

  1. Chloe says:

    I’ve been wanting to try this for the longest time! My friend had it and as soon as you mentioned the smell I knew it was the same one hahah, I struggle with keeping my lipsticks in place so hopefully this is my knight in shining armour x
    Clo x

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