Lypsyl’s new releases

I’ve always been a fan of Lypsyl, so when I saw that they were releasing some new products I knew I needed to try them. Two new ‘red’ themed scents have been introduced just in time for valentines day. At first I thought these were going to be tinted, but they’re actually the original clear formula so don’t be fooled!


Both the scents are really delicious smelling and not too artificial which is great. My personal favourite is the strawberry and pomegranate, it smells refreshing but really sweet at the same time.

These lip balms come in stick form which is super handy for on the go use and in your handbag. There’s none of that kind of gross sticking your fingers in a pot thing going on with these!

The formula is lovely and quite different to anything else i’ve tried from different brands; its very creamy for a stick product but leaves no white residue either. I personally prefer these so much to the EOS balms, which is the closest product I can think of formula wise.

I really like these for under lipsticks as they’re super nourishing but also sink in quickly so it doesn’t interfere with any products you put on top; i’ve found with some oilier lip balms that they can break up liquid lipsticks which is super annoying!

It’s good to note that these products have been reformulated which i’m guessing has made them even better than before. They contain shea and cocoa butter, beeswax, aloe-vera and vitamin E too.

I’m definitely giving these a thumbs up, and you know i’m hard to impress when it comes to all things lip balms!

what’s your favourite lip balm?

Jess x

this post contains PR samples


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