DHC cosmetics – reviewed

Hi guys, today i’m reviewing a new brand i’ve come across recently called DHC cosmetics. DHC is Japan’s no.1 direct skincare company so I was so excited to test out some of their makeup and skincare.


A standout product for me is the DHC liquid eyeliner. I’ve been using it every day for weeks now as it is super black, doesn’t dry out and the nib is on the softer side so you can really shape the line how you want it. This also doesn’t smudge on me which is a major plus too.

I also really enjoy the pencil eyeliners in brown and black for a super long-lasting finish. These aren’t too creamy which can be both good and bad; it means you have to be that little bit more gentle when applying but does also mean they don’t move around like kohl pencils do.

A product that really surprised me is the olive oil cotton buds. These are a genius product for cleaning up mascara splodges and perfecting liquid liner too. I’m having a real phase of wearing liner a lot and with that comes the constant fear of messing it up. These are just little cotton buds that are slightly oil soaked (but don’t feel oily to the touch) that lift away product so much more effectively than dry buds do. These do come individually wrapped which is probably so they don’t dry out so they’re easy to keep in your makeup bag as well.


The mascara from DHC that I tried was the ‘perfect pro’ and this is a tubing mascara; something i’ve never tried before but has always really intrigued me. This is great for lengthening the lashes but doesn’t give tonnes of volume so it’s great for slightly more natural everyday lashes. You remove this just with warm water and the little tubes slide away from your lashes really easily (pretty cool if you ask me…).

The quick film smoother is a lovely product if you have fine lines around your eyes and face. It’s a gel – cream consistency which feels lovely to apply. It’s not quite so useful for me yet as i’m not even 20 but it still is great under the eyes to make concealer go on smoothly.

Lastly I tried out one of their sheet masks as well. This one is a Q10 firming mask which is said to help fight free radicals and loss of elasticity so your skin looks firmer and more plump. Although I didn’t see any major differences to my skin it did feel super hydrated and nourished. It did also feel a little bit more firm, but not tight which is lovely.

I think DHC have got it really right with their makeup and skincare and I would love to try out some of their base products too to see if they’re as good as the products I tried out. Overall a thumbs up from me!

Have you tried this brand?

Jess x

this post contains PR samples


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