Battle of the mascaras no.2

Hi everyone, if you’ve been following my blog since the (very) early days you might have read a post I did called battle of the mascaras. I basically talked about some of my all – time faves and what ones were good for different things.

As a beauty blogger I try out a load of mascaras all the time so I definitely have a good idea of my loves and hates. Here we go…


for fluttery lashes… 

I totally recommend the W7 cosmetics absolute lashes for beautiful feathery eyelashes that don’t look caked in product. This wears beautifully throughout the day and doesn’t feel thick or non-existent either. This also gives great definition for the look of enhanced lashes.

for ultra voluminous lashes… 

This is one of the newest additions to my ever changing mascara collection. The Wet n’ Wild max volume plus mascara is great at getting dramatic eyelashes really quickly. The formula is quite wet when applied which means there is no flaking off during the day and your lashes look loads thicker too.


for an everyday fave… 

I’m still totally obsessed with the Maybelline lash sensational mascara. I always seem to go back to it; it gives great length, definition and volume and it’s drugstore too. I can instantly see a difference when I use this so it’s a great everyday staple for me and I think for lots of other people as well.

for doll eyes… 

I recently reviewed a load of makeup from the brand Essence and was really impressed with the false lashes mascara. It lengthens but also realy thickens for that pretty lash look, and also looks great on the bottom lashes. It doesn’t smudge on me either which is a real plus… and it’s crazily affordable.

I’d love to know what your fave mascara is too, leave me a comment down below!

Jess x

this post contains PR samples


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