Carex bath + shower range

Hi guys, Carex have recently released a new bath and shower range which is all fragrance free and supposed to be a bit more pure. I really like this idea as it means anyone with any skin type can use them. I have KP (Keratosis Pilaris) on my arms which is basically a form of bumpy, red skin a bit like constant goosebumps. I can’t use anything too heavily perfumed on my arms as it makes my KP flare up and I think it’s actually really difficult to find fragrance free bath and shower products unless you look in the baby section! That’s where I think these products come in handy.


The product i’ve used the most out of the three releases is the shower gel as I prefer showers generally (am I even a real beauty blogger?!). This lathers up really well on the skin and also works nicely with an exfoliating mitt / brush for getting rid of dead skin.

If you’re more of a bath person then the bath products are lovely too, either on their own or mixed with other things. I do think the bath cream and the soak give quite similar effects though so you probably don’t need to buy both; just one or the other.

Overall I think these are so handy to have and since trialing them I have been reaching for them loads. Even though they are maybe not quite as fun as all the shower gels that smell like sweeties they’re amazing if you struggle with sensitive skin.

What’s your go to shower gel at the moment?

Jess x

this post contains PR samples

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13 thoughts on “Carex bath + shower range

  1. teatimewithhann says:

    My favorite shower gels at the moment are from Bath and Body Works ! They are so lovely and last me a long time ! I loved reading this blog post ! You’ve got such a lovely blog! I’d love if you could visit my blog and maybe even follow my blog. 🙂

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  2. Abbie Thorn says:

    Been waiting to hear what you thought of these since you uploaded a pic on instagram a few weeks back! Might have to try these myself as I have quite sensitive skin and although I absolutely love Lush products, they just flare up my skin 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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