2True’s new brush launch – rate or hate?

Hi guys, 2True, an affordable makeup brand has just revamped their makeup brushes and I thought i’d share a few of them with you and what I think of them. I’m always on the hunt for great quality brushes that are pocket friendly so I had really high hopes for these beauties!


They have released seven new brushes in total covering everything from foundation to eyes to lips. They are synthetic, super soft and not at all scratchy (something I find sometimes with more affordable brushes). Personally I like the bold and fun colourscheme they’ve gone for with the handles as this brand is definitely aimed at younger people so it fits well. Plus it makes them really easy to tell apart when you’re quickly grabbing and using different brushes.

My personal favourite out of this range is the powder brush. I actually find this to be perfect for applying bronzer on the cheeks and forehead as it’s very fluffy but also slightly oval shaped for a more precise finish. I’ve been using this over some of my higher end brushes which definitely shows I love it.


Another brush I think is great is the blusher brush as this is totally multi-purpose because it’s very small. I’ve been using this to apply highlighter which works really well but this would also work for foundation, concealer, precise powder application and loads more.

2True have also included a bronzer sculpting brush in the range which I would recommend to people who are just starting to explore bronzer / contour as the angle fits in the hollows of the cheeks perfectly making it really easy to do.

These brushes rage from Β£2 to Β£3 and I think are definitely worth picking up if you need some more brushes to add to your collection.

Jess x

this post contains PR samples


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