W7 cosmetics – reviewed

Hi guys, today i’m reviewing a makeup brand i’ve seen floating around for ages now and have been really interested in; W7 cosmetics. Their aim is to create high quality cosmetics at very affordable prices so I was interested to see if their products lived up to their claims!


The product I was definitely most excited to try out is the colour me buff eye colour palette (£9-95). I’ve heard these being recommended before as good dupes for the Urban Decay naked palettes and they definitely do have a very similar shade selection and packaging too. W7 aren’t all that subtle about taking inspiration from higher end brands which I quite like as it means that purse friendly cosmetics are available to more people. I really don’t have endless money to spend on makeup (or much at all) so I love finding hidden gems at drugstore prices!

The colour me buff palette is full of quite natural, earthy tones that I think would suit most people. If you can get past the fact they are slightly powdery when you pick up the shadow on the brush I think the pigmentation is very good for an affordable brand. I actually think this would be a great set of shadows for a beginner at makeup or someone just getting into eyeshadows as it’s hard to go too overboard.

I also tried out a couple of their mascaras; the absolute lashes mascara (£6-95) and the argan eyes mascara (£6-95). After using both the mascaras for well over a month I can safely say I love the formula on these so much. They have a great selection of brush types so you can find one that suits you quite easily too. My fave is the absolute lashes as it’s really lengthening but also adds volume. It also doesn’t smudge really easily too which is great news for anyone with oily eyelids. If you prefer more natural lashes I recommend the argan eyes mascara too.


A real standout product I discovered is the glowcomotion highlighter (£6-95). This is literally incredible on the cheekbones! It’s a champagne highlight that’s not too cool or warm toned and seems to really complement my skin tone and doesn’t accentuate any texture too much. This has made it’s way into my everyday makeup routine and I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon!

Lastly I also tried out the mega matte lips (£4-95) in the shade chippie which is basically a liquid lipstick type product. Overall these types of products aren’t my favourite but that being said this one does have a very mousse like texture which makes it quite comfortable to wear (and obviously this had great staying power too).

I’ve found some amazing products that have become firm faves so i’m so happy I tried out this brand. I think the quality is really good so I would say go for it if you are thinking of trying out some of their products!

Jess x


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