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Hi everyone, I hope you had a good Christmas! I did a post on Christmas day that you might have missed, check it out here. Today i’m talking you through my current bronzer and contour collection as it’s one of my favourite steps in my makeup routine so I own quite a few different products now. I love testing out new ones too so my collection seems to keep on growing!


By far my favourite bronzer at the moment is the Avon glow bronzing powder* in medium riviera. It’s such a beautiful shade which makes you look very healthy and, well, glowing! The quality is great and I enjoy how long this lasts on my skin too which is great. I’ve always switched my bronzers around but since i’ve had this it’s all i’ve used and i’ve nearly hit pan on it already!

I also have the Avon glow bronzing pearls* which also look lovely on the skin. This does have a slight shimmer to it though so it totally depends on whether you like a matte or more sheeny finish.

I also have one of the Rosie for Autograph killer contour sticks which are great for quite a natural but sculpted look. I love swiping this on the cheeks and forehead for a general bronzed effect and it’s great. I find it blends really well with a synthetic brush or also a sponge too.

Something I have but rarely ever use is the Bourjois gold bronzing powder. I picked this up by mistake (I wanted the original bronzer) and I really just don’t get the point of this. It’s super shimmery and gold and to me looks more like an eyeshadow than something I want to put on my cheeks. A bit of a fail on my part but I do sometimes use it on my eyelids so all is not lost!


Something i’ve used absolutely loads is the Kiko masterpiece bronzer. This one was limited edition but they bring out similar ones in most of their collections so I highly recommend these if you’re looking for a great natural everyday bronzer to add a bit of colour to your face.

I don’t really own many contouring products as i’m not very good at it and kind of just use bronzer to sculpt instead. I do have the Sleek contour kit though which I really love and use a lot either with a tapered brush in the hollows of my cheeks or a duo fibre brush for a much more diffused finish.

Another product I used a lot in the summer was the Rosie for Autograph bronzer*. It’s really warm toned so complements tanned skin very well but this is safely stashed away for now as I think it would be a bit too warm for my winter skin at the moment. The quality is excellent though and I will use it again once it gets a bit sunnier!

I picked up the MAC mineralise skin finish in refresh ages ago and I haven’t used it that much to be honest. Again this works best on tanned skin to add colour as this is incredibly pigmented and super easy to go overboard with. Not my best purchase but the highlight in it is pretty though.

One of my most recent additions is the Soap & Glory wonderbronze shimmer brick* and I really like this. It’s basically a bronzer and highlight in one which actually seems to work really well. When you swatch the colours together it creates the most beautiful foiled copper shade and on the cheeks looks lovely too.

I’m not sure my bronzer addiction will ever stop, it’s so much fun trying out new ones so if you have any recommendations please let me know!

Jess x

this post contains PR samples


7 thoughts on “bronzer + contour collection

  1. Rawan M. says:

    I have the sleek contour kit but it really looks orange on me, I don’t know why. But I’m in love with the Kat Von D shade and light contour pallet, totally recommend it.

    Rock on, Rawan M 🤘🏼

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