Wilko Brushes: rate or hate?

Hey guys, for this post i’m going to share my thoughts on the redesigned makeup brushes by the brand Wilko. I was so excited to try these out as I definitely wouldn’t think to go to them for beauty tools but I think these makeup brushes are absolutely beautiful. They all have silver or copper ferrules (gotta love a bit of copper) and cream handles. The handles are made out of a rubber type material which makes them non slip and really easy to hold. I think that’s a genius idea to be honest!


There’s a whole range of different styles, including a foundation brush, blusher brush and an eyebrow comb. I also love that they are completely synthetic; it means they’re cruelty free but also means they are easy to clean and the brushes don’t grab onto as much product.

Wilko have also put together a little gift set which would make the cutest present for Christmas. It includes 4 brushes, a compact mirror and a beautiful brush roll too. The set is £10 which is amazing value for what you get inside so definitely worth picking up if you see it. The brush roll is a white leather effect finish which looks beautiful with the brushes as they all match. It also matches the makeup bag set by Wilko which contains 2 bags, one rose gold and one white leather effect. They’ve definitely jumped on the bandwagon with the whole copper and white trend and I love it!

I’ve actually been using both the makeup bags recently and they’re a great size. I kept my brushes in the small rose gold one and my mound of makeup in the big white one as well. It’s just big enough for everything I need but doesn’t feel too bulky either.


These new individual brushes range from £3 to £5 which is a great price for the quality I think. I’ve definitely discovered some favourites from this range, especially the powder brush as I love it for bronzer and have been using it every day. I’ve also been using the little flat concealer brush a lot with a rediscovered favourite which is the Soap & Glory kick ass concealer. It applies creamy products really well and helps to get the maximum coverage out of it too which is amazing.

I think these brushes are really high quality and definitely worth trying out if you can. I love a bargain!

What’s your go-to brush brand at the moment?

Jess x

this post contains PR samples



6 thoughts on “Wilko Brushes: rate or hate?

  1. kiirstenjones says:

    Ohhhh I’m definitely going to pick these up, they look so pretty and good!
    My favourites are my trusted real techniques, but definitely think I could try these! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

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