❄️ Spectrum Brushes -the ultimate gift for beauty lovers ❄️

Hey guys, I can’t believe it’s December already and i’m talking about Christmas gifts! If you’ve read my blog for a while you’ll know I love Spectrum brushes. I think that if you’re stuck for present ideas then a brush set would be the perfect gift for the beauty lovers in your life. To be honest I don’t even think you really need to be into beauty to appreciate and enjoy using these babies!


♥ For ‘that’ friend… HALF UNICORN HALF MERMAID BAG £16-99

There’s always that one person who you know but don’t know that well and it makes present buying kind of difficult. I genuinely think that makeup bag type gifts are so useful as they are a ‘safe’ present but also handy to store brushes, makeup or pretty much anything else in! I love Spectrum’s ‘half unicorn half mermaid’ bag as it’s super cute and not expensive either.

This bag could definitely also be used as a clutch as well… what’s not to love?!?

♥ For someone extra special… THE BOMB SHELL £79-99

If you’re looking to treat someone who’s extra special to you then I love the new bomb shell set by Spectrum. It’s a set of 12 beautiful high quality makeup brushes in a new colourscheme of hot pink, rose gold and blush. The set includes everything you could ever need including face brushes, eye brushes, an angled brush and even a lip brush too.

All the brushes are synthetic meaning they are super easy to clean and can be used with both cream and powder products. It also means they are cruelty free which is amazing. Something a little different about this set also is that the handles on the brushes are slightly shorter so they are more handbag friendly (and also great for travelling).

The bomb shell set also comes with a stunning holographic shell case which has a detachable rose gold chain so it can be used as a bag too.

♥ For the beauty obsessed… BRUSH SOAP & BRUSH HEART BUNDLE £19-99

Anyone who’s into beauty or even just wears makeup would (I think) find a brush soap and brush cleaning tool handy. Spectrum do a cute little bundle of both of these items and I think it’s such a good idea and a really affordable gift too. I much prefer solid soaps for cleaning my makeup brushes as it’s a lot easier being able to swirl the brush into it rather than picking up a bottle every time!

Having my little brush clam has seriously halved my cleaning time. It gets soap out really quickly and also grabs all the makeup out from the bristles meaning you end up with cleaner brushes in less time. I couldn’t imagine not using this now, it’s amazing.

I really hope you like my picks from Spectrum brushes, I think it’s such a great brand and amazing quality so if you’re stuck for ideas then they’re the way to go!

Jess x

this post contains PR samples


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