⛄️ MAD beauty advent calendar ⛄️

Hi everyone, i’m so excited to be doing my first Christmas post! I know it’s not even December yet but this post is talking through a beauty advent calendar so I wanted to give you some notice so you can decide if you want to buy it!

I’ve been a fan of MAD beauty ever since I did a review of the brand a while ago. When I saw they were releasing advent calendars I was so excited because they always have the cutest products and this is definitely no exception.


So this calendar is 12 days which means you get 12 different beauty products in total. This is £10.99 which I think is an amazing price compared to most beauty advents that have been released this year. Personally I wouldn’t spend more than ten or fifteen on one so to see some more affordable ones makes me really happy as it means more people can enjoy them!

Now I didn’t want to be a complete Grinch and show you everything in it because that spoils all of the fun but I thought I would just show you behind a couple of doors so you can know what to expect. The sorts of things in the calendar include a mini body wash, bath salts, hand cream and lots of other products to pamper yourself throughout the month.




I haven’t actually tried out any of the products yet as i’m saving them for Christmas but I know that MAD beauty is really great quality from trying out the brand previously.

If you’re more of a makeup lover, MAD beauty also did a 24 day calendar full of makeup products which also looks great. That one is a bit more expensive at £19.99 but you do get twice the amount of products in!

I think this is a great little calendar and perfect for any beauty lovers in the run up to Christmas.

Jess x


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