Touch In Sol liquid foil shadow duos + gel eyeliners

Hi guys, for this post i’m going to share my thoughts on the (relatively) new launches by Touch In Sol. These products are both now being stocked on GlamourFlare so it’s the perfect time to test them out!

As i’m completely obsessed with eyeshadow the TIS liquid + glitter eyeshadow duos really appeal to me. There’s such a range of shades that in my opinion are all very wearable which is great.


So on one end of these you get a liquid eyeshadow that comes on a doe foot applicator. It can be applied straight onto the eyelid if you want an intense colour payoff or you can use a flat packing brush to apply. I personally have found wiping a flat brush into the eyeshadow and then onto the lid works better for me as it’s a little bit more precise.

On the other side is a glitter top coat. This gives a really pretty foiled effect on the eyes and, in the same way as before, can be applied to the eyelid with the small plastic paddle or with a brush. You can even tip a small amount onto the back of your hand and then apply with a finger which helps to get a nice even layer. I find that this glitter topcoat does have quite a lot of fallout if applied straight on so i’d suggest doing your eye makeup first if you’re using it straight from the tube onto your eyes. The liquid underneath does help the glitter to cling really nicely to the eyelid so it’s a great combo.

For everyday i’ve been loving using just the liquid end on the eyes and then softly blended out. On me these don’t crease at all, but to ensure it lasts all day you could opt to set it with eyeshadows instead of the glitter.

I have two shades; Margaret and Lottie. Lottie is much more in the mauve side and Margaret is a coppery rust colour. The liquid side of Margaret is a lot more sheer than Lottie but that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Especially if you like more subtle eyeshadow.


In the swatches i’ve done the liquid on it’s own and the the liquid and glitter combined. The glitter looks quite chunky and that’s because I forgot to smooth it out with my finger! Usually I would do that and it really finishes off the look I think.

These are £16 which is definitely up there in price but I think it’s worth it and to be honest I might even buy another couple of the shades, they’re that lovely!

I also tried out a few of the Touch In Sol gel eyeliner pencils. These come in a variety of shades and all have glitter in as far as I believe so they’re perfect for this time of year.


When I first got these I saw the colours on the end of the pencils and thought they were going to be that colour but actually that’s just the colour of the sparkle running through the pencil. This does make them very wearable but also a bit of fun for when you fancy something different!

I have three shades of these; Chocolat which is a brown as you could probably guess and i’m a sucker for a brown eyeliner so this is perfect for me. It has a really subtle shimmer to it too. I also have Cafe D’Or which is a brown with beautiful gold flecks in it and Blue Marine which has blue glitter.


These are £7 but they’re reduced at the moment if you fancy treating yourself.. Another thing to note is that these pencils have a built in sharpener which is really handy.

So there’s my thoughts on a couple of new things from Touch In Sol. If you’ve seen my previous KBeauty posts you’ll know i’m a big fan of this brand!

Have you ever tried anything from this brand?

Jess x

this post contains PR samples


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