Testing out The Sleep Styler (AD)

Hi guys, today’s post is going to be trying out a super exciting new hair product that i’ve recently got my hands on called The Sleep Styler. It’s the first heatless hair styler to curl or even straighten your hair while you sleep.  I was so intrigued when I first heard about this as I spend hours every week blow drying, straightening and then sometimes curling on top of that as I have very thick and frizzy hair which can be quite a hassle.

The Sleep Styler is made up of 8 rollers made of super soft memory foam which you wrap around your hair when it’s damp and it styles it with minimum effort. For me this is a huge time saver when it comes to getting ready!


how it works

» For this to be as effective as possible you need damp hair so take a shower or bath and wash your hair.

» CURLY HAIR: Take a foam roller and wrap the hair around it, keeping the strap at the top of the roller. Then take the strap and wrap it around the hair in the opposite direction to make sure it’s really secure.

» STRAIGHT HAIR: Take a foam roller and keep the hair parallel to the roller and wrap the strap around the hair to secure it.

» Leave overnight to work it’s magic – or leaving them in for a few hours during the day works well too.

» Unwrap the rollers to reveal your beautifully curled (or straightened) locks… easy!

My hair has a natural kink to it, especially on the bottom layers of my hair and using this gave me beautifully defined curls and also stopped the frizz. I have no idea how this does it but it’s worked for me every time i’ve used it. I usually leave my fringe out of the rollers as I prefer it a bit straighter and this made the hair look a lot more ‘undone’ which I like.


I’m not usually a fan of putting photos of myself on my blog but I felt it was really important to show a before and after shot! 

For me The Sleep Styler really works and I think it will definitely become a regular part of my haircare routine. I think it’s definitely worth the $39 price (roughly £30) as the rollers feel very high quality and well made. The inserts are also removable and the fabric can be machine washed so they’re really easy to maintain.

Overall i’m so glad I discovered The Sleep Styler and I recommend it to anyone who wants to shave off a good amount of time in the mornings getting ready and have a lie in instead!

What’s your go-to hair tool?

Jess x

 Contains a paid advertorial for The Sleep Styler


12 thoughts on “Testing out The Sleep Styler (AD)

  1. jazminheavenblog says:

    They look really unique! You can also use socks to curl your hair over night. Just use them exactly the same way as this but with a sock instead of a foam roller 🙂 xxx lovely post

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