Winter beauty essentials

Hey guys, today i’m sharing with you some of my winter beauty essentials. Now before you all point it out… I know its not winter yet but it just as well might be in the UK as it’s freezing! I’ve got some amazing products targeted at helping keep your skin moisturised and really soft so hopefully you might discover a new fave product!

To combat dry and flaky skin i’ve been using the Bee Good honey facial exfoliator . I love how gentle this is on my skin; it doesn’t really even feel much like an exfoliator and more like a cleanser. This has milled lavender flowers (fancy, right?!) to lift away any dead skin and it keeps the skin really soft but also hydrated which is an added bonus.

The moisturiser i’ve been using lately is the sk:n corrective anti-redness face cream. I use this before applying makeup to help stop dry patches forming when I put on my foundation and concealer. I find it’s the right balance between being hydrating but not too heavy as some moisturisers can be a little too much for just before makeup. I’m not sure about the anti-redness claim, I haven’t seen any dramatic results but it’s not reacting with my skin either which is the main thing I tend to look for. Plus this smells amazing too!

It’s a really great idea to have an eye cream in your skincare collection and they don’t need to be really expensive. I’m using the COSRX honey ceramide eye cream* at the moment which is great for tired eyes. A much cheaper alternative which I also love is the Boots cucumber eye gel; it’s so cooling and refreshing.

If you’re in need of a bit of extra help in the hydration department I would totally recommend any kind of sheet mask. While they look scary on they do an amazing job at helping the skin to absorb all the serum on the mask which helps with cell regeneration. It basically just keeps your skin super soft and pampered. Iroha Nature* have a range of different masks including face and neck masks (perfect for more mature skin) and eye masks which I think is a great idea for targeting a problem area. This will help to improve the appearance of dark circles too which is great.


It’s also super important to keep your body moisturised too and my all time favourite body moisturiser is The Body Shop argan oil body butter. I’ve been using this one for about two years and couldn’t recommend it enough. This body butter lasts a good day or two for me before I start getting dry skin again which is great. For me this is quite a ‘heavy duty’ moisturiser so don’t expect it to sink in within a few seconds, but for this time of year especially I find myself reaching for it quite a lot.

To help combat dry heels i’ve recently been using the BrushWorks foot file*. This is super affordable and, whilst not being very glamorous, does leave you with silky smooth feet. BrushWorks have a huge range of beauty tools and I also especially like their emery boards. If you want to get extra soft feet you can use foot cream / body moisturiser and then wear cotton socks overnight so when you wake up your feet will feel amazing!

You’ve got to have a lip balm handy at all times during the colder months and Blistex* have released some new ones recently which i’ve been really enjoying. I’ve been using the intensive moisturier in the cherry flavour but there’s a few different ones to choose from. I like using these sort of like a lip mask and applying a thick layer and leaving it on overnight. These balms are white when first applied so be warned but a thin layer pressed onto the lips doesn’t show up white so it’s great for everyday use too.

I’ve always had really dry and flaky nails so i’ve tried loads of different strengthening polishes / treatments to try and help. My latest purchase is the Revlon treat and boost polish and it really helps to make my nails look shiny and also hardened which prevents flakiness.  If you have the same issue i’d love to know what products have worked for you too!

So there are my current winter beauty essentials. Nothing totally groundbreaking but really great products all the same!

What’s your number 1 winter essential?

Jess x

*PR samples


9 thoughts on “Winter beauty essentials

  1. Karen Proctor says:

    So glad I read this, some great products, especially that blistex lip balm it’s an absolute savior this time of year! The new garnier moisture bomb sheet masks are amazing and my skin feels so hydrated afterwards so they’re ideal for the cold dry weather! xx

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