Autumn lip edit

Hi guys, for this post I thought I would share with you some of my lip shades for Autumn. There’s a lot of berry tones going on here and i’m loving it! There’s also some beautiful nudes in this selection which i’m obsessed with.


Bobbi Brown rich lip colour ‘Nude Rose‘ £20

One of my all time favourite lip products for this time of year is the Bobbi Brown lipstick in nude rose. It’s a really rich dusky rose colour which is perfect for every day wear and seems to look great with any makeup look. It’s more on the pigmented side and has a very similar texture to MAC lipsticks as even though it isn’t matte it’s got great ‘stick’ and lasts really well throughout the day.

Benefit hydra-smooth lip color ‘Fling Thing‘ £15

I couldn’t do an Autumn lips post without including a couple of berry shades. I think the Benefit lipstick in fling thing is beautiful as it adds colour but also lots of moisture as it’s a very creamy formula. My lips are so dry at this time of year so I know that this lipstick does not grab at dry patches which is great. This one’s on the pricier side of things but I do think if you want to treat yourself then it’s a great one to get.

Revlon lip butter ‘Sugar plum‘ £7.99

A much more affordable berry lip is the Revlon lip butter in sugar plum. These to me are one swipe wonders and act as both a lip balm and lipstick in one. This has been my Christmas day lipstick the past couple of years as it doesn’t leave weird lines when it fades off making it really low maintenance (and so you can eat as many roast potatoes as you want).

Rimmel apocalips lip lacquer ‘Eclipse‘ £6.49

If you’re a liquid lipstick fan I think the Rimmel apocalips range is so good. They are lip lacquers so they’re high shine and they come in a real range of shades. I have a couple of different ones but the one that I thought was the most appropriate for Autumn is the shade eclipse which is a berry/burgundy but isn’t too bright so it’s easier to wear. This is definitely a bit more high maintenance as its not matte but I still love wearing it.


Revlon ultra HD matte lip colour ‘Seduction‘ £8.99

Another liquid lipstick I really like are the Revlon matte lip colours. I have the nude shade which looks great on it’s own but I also use this quite a lot as a matte lip topper; I can pop this on most lipsticks to create a long lasting finish. Overall I think a really handy product to have in your collection!

Rosie for Autograph lip glossy ‘Lights, Camera, Action‘ £12.50

I had to have a red lip in my Autumn edit and seeing as I don’t wear red lips very often at all I thought I would go slightly unconventional with a lip gloss. This one’s from Rosie HW’s range for Autograph makeup and I love it. It’s highly pigmented so don’t expect a sheer payoff from this shade! It’s on the more orangey side and is totally non sticky which makes it very pleasant to wear. Personally I prefer it when patted into the lips slightly as it looks a little less bright so if you’re afraid of rocking red maybe try this trick out.

MACSpirit‘ £15.50

MAC had always been a brand I go back to when I want a certain lip shade. They seem to have every colour under the sun and recently I picked up the shade spirit. This definitely isn’t for everyone as it’s a very brown nude which I know isn’t everyone’s thing but I think it suits me and looks quite classic. This is a satin finish so it’s not quite as harsh as matte nude shades and it’s a little bit easier to pull off .

Topshop matte lip bullet ‘Get Me Bodied‘ £8

The last shade I picked for my Autumn edit is in my opinion the most daring of them all. This is something I pull out of my drawer only a couple of times a year, but when I do I really enjoy wearing it. I really rate the Topshop matte lip bullets as they’re super long lasting and have great colour payoff. The shade get me bodied is an intense berry that’s verging on purple – it’s the epitome of Autumn for me!


I really hope this gives you some inspiration to start wearing some different lip shades as it can be really fun to switch up your look from time to time, and it’s also an excuse to buy more lipsticks…

What’s your go-to lipstick for Autumn?

Jess x


14 thoughts on “Autumn lip edit

  1. A Phoenix from the Ashes says:

    I am loving Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks at the moment. They really have amazing longevity whilst are great for the lips. I have super sensitive lips and they can become dry very easily. CT lipsticks don’t affect my lips so it’s great! Also as a Makeup Artist they are really great in photo shoots.

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