Vichy Dermablend – the ultimate ‘feel good’ makeup

Hello everyone, recently I got the chance to try the dermablend range by Vichy, which is a range of products aimed at covering minor imperfections to severe skin concerns. This was a particularly exciting opportunity for me as I have rosacea on my cheeks and jawline and have struggled finding makeup to suit my skin’s needs. I’m not one for heavy coverage foundations so most of the time I just let the redness in my skin show through a little bit still but sometimes it’s nice to be able to even out my skin tone completely – so that’s where dermablend steps in.

There are currently 6 products in the range, even including body makeup which I think is great as we don’t just get imperfections on the face we want to cover up. The products are great for a number of problems including uneven skin tone, dark circles, spots, scars and redness.


I have three of the products from the range including the corrective fluid foundation, corrective stick and the setting powder. The foundation now comes in 8 shades including a very light ‘porcelain’ shade and also a number of deeper shades so there’s (hopefully) something for everyone. I’ve got the shade opal which is the second lightest shade and I found it was a good match for me. I find it’s definitely more important to have a good colour match when it’s higher coverage as it’s a lot more obvious!


As you can see there is quite a big shade difference between the foundation and concealer (both the shade opal) but I didn’t find this to be a problem as the concealer’s peachy undertones work really well for dark circles. My favourite way to use this is to take a small amount on my ring finger and pat under the eye for the most natural effect whilst still covering the darkness.

The true test for me was definitely trying this on my rosacea patches and it didn’t dissapoint. I saw an immediate reduction in the redness with just a tiny amount of product; this stuff is seriously full coverage. I was expecting this foundation to look like foundation on the skin (if you know what I mean) especially as it has a satin finish but instead it gives a blurring effect which makes it look acutally quite natural which for me is what I prefer. I’ve actually decided to include a before and after shot of my skin so you can see the difference it made.


I was debating as to whether to include this shot of my skin but I decided to go for it to help people in a similar situation! 

I’m actually quite shocked at the difference this has made, especially as it did not cling to dry patches either which is a real plus for me. I also like the fact that you can add the powder on top to keep the coverage of the foundation and also extend the wear time even more.


Foundation £18

Corrective stick £15

Setting powder £16

Overall i’m so glad I have discovered this range and will be continuing to use this as it makes me feel great and that’s what makeup is all about for me.

Have you tried this range?

Jess x

this post contains PR samples


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