Favourite eyeshadows for Autumn #2

Hi guys, if you’re a long time reader of my blog you’ll know that this time last year I did a post talking through my eyeshadow picks for Autumn. Well seeing as it’s this time of year again I thought it would be nice to update it a little and maybe give you a little eyeshadow inspiration for the upcoming months!


Okay so clearly I cannot do any sort of eyeshadow post without mentioning the Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette. I won’t go on about this as I really don’t want to repeat myself but this is great. You should buy it and you can thank me later…

Benecos* have brought out some new makeup for Autumn / Winter which includes these two lovely eyeshadow singles. I love the formulation of Benecos eyeshadows so I was so excited to see they had brought out more colours. I’m actually loving the green shade which is surprising as I never thought they would be my thing but it seems to work well with my brown eyes. This definitely isn’t a bright green, it’s a lot more muted and wearable. For a more everyday shade I really like the shade ‘So What?’ for adding a subtle shimmer to any eye look.


I recently dug out this Nars eyeshadow as I hadn’t used it for a while and I love it. I actually use this as a highlighter quite a lot but for me this is definitely a ‘no fuss’ option and is extra pretty when applied with a damp eyeshadow brush to intensify the colour.

Also from Nars is this soft touch shadow stick. It’s a neutral shade with a hint of mauve in it which I find is really flattering. I like to set this with a powder shadow on top to stop it creasing and to extend wear time.


Everyone needs a good matte brown crease shade and I am still loving the Colourpop super shock shadow in ‘Quatre’. This lasts all day and is so easy to apply. I’m so jealous of people in America who can get Colourpop really easily and for much cheaper, it’s such a good brand.

I also have included this Technic mega sultry 2* pallete for anyone looking for a really affordable cool toned pallette. Even though i’m definitely a warm toned kinda girl I do find myself reaching for this more than I thought I would, which shows I think it’s good as I have a lot of eyeshadows!


So there’s some of my current favourite eyeshadows for Autumn, I hope this inspires you to change up your look too.

What eyeshadows are you loving at the moment?

Jess x

*PR samples




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