Korean Beauty Edit

Hi guys, if you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know that a while ago I did a post in which I tried out some Korean beauty products and gave you my first impressions. Well, the website Glamour Flare that sent me the products to try is now stocking a new brand so I got loads of new stuff to try out and share with you.

After trying out all of this K beauty I have definitely found my favourite products so here’s my little ‘edit’ of some of the best products I tried out!


The new brand i’ve tried out is The Saem. I’m actually so impressed with the products i’ve tried, and here are some of my favourites.

This brand has a harakeke skincare range and i’ve been using the three step system for a good few weeks and i’ve already seen an improvement in my skin. With my limited knowledge of this ingredient I found out that harakeke is super hydrating so it’s perfect for me. You first apply the toner which has a gel like texture and is lovely and cooling when applied. Then there’s an essence; I have never used an essence as part of my skincare routine before so this was something new for me. You’re supposed to apply a generous amount and let it sink into the skin. It provides intense moisture yet it feels not at all heavy. Lastly there’s a moisturiser as part of the range which I really love; I apply a generous layer at night and my skin feels so soft in the morning!

The Saem have definitely done something right with their skincare as i’m also really enjoying using the aqua master primer. I use this before makeup and it provides a shot of hydration that helps with stopping dry patches forming when you apply foundation, especially ones with a heavier coverage. This is a clear primer but not silicone based so if they’re not your thing maybe try this primer out instead.

I had to have some makeup in my Korean beauty edit and one thing i’ve used so much since my original post is the Touch In Sol real moisture foundation. You’ve probably seen this in a few of my other posts recently as this is my favourite foundation for when I want a fuller coverage. It’s also a great colour match for me! I’m still also using the expert brow bar from Touch In Sol that I featured in my original post. Such a quick and easy product to use and it has a brow mascara in the bottom which is so handy… why haven’t more brands done this?!

Something new i’ve been trying from Touch In Sol is their dual concealer. This has two sides to it; a stick concealer on the top and a liquid on the bottom. I’m loving the liquid for under the eyes as I find the peachy tones in it help to cover my dark circles.

If you’re looking to try out some Kbeauty but don’t really know where to start, I recommend trying out the real fit powder pact by The Saem. This powder has some serious coverage to it which is amazing for a number of uses. This works great when used on it’s own for a natural but flawless finish (I love using a small buffing brush for this). I’ve also been using this to finish my makeup by sweeping this product under the cheekbones to perfect my bronzer.

You’ve of course got to take off all of that makeup at the end of the day and i’ve been so impressed with the Touch In Sol mission complete cleanser. I use this for removing all of my eye makeup and it’s potent! A small amount of this will completely melt off all your eye makeup yet it’s still very gentle and suitable for sensitive skin.

So there’s my current Korean beauty picks. I hope some of you might find this helpful if you want to try out some new beauty bits! All of the products mentioned are available from the Glamour Flare website.

Have you tried Kbeauty?

Jess x


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