How to have better beauty sleep (ad)

Hi everyone, i’ve got a really exciting post for you today! Holland & Barrett have challenged me to be a part of their #GoodSleep campaign which is all about finding beauty and well-being products that will help you have a better night’s sleep.

I’m definitely a late night browser; being totally addicted to all things internet I tend to lay in bed on my phone for way too long resulting in me feeling wide awake. Not good. So, Holland & Barrett sent me a sleep pack tailored to my late night browsing habits to see if it would make a difference. Here’s what I got…


The pack included:

  • Dr Organic Lavender Skin Lotion
  • Miaroma Relaxing Lavender Temple Balm

  • Miaroma Relaxing Lavender Sleep Mist

  • Miaroma Lavender Pure Essential Oil

  • Miaroma Peppermint Pure Essential Oil

  • Heath & Heather Camomile Tea Bags

  • Holland & Barrett Valerian Plus 30 Tablets

  • Holland & Barrett Lemon Balm Capsules

  • Holland & Barrett East Meets West Sleep Formula Capsules

Also in the pack was a lovely silk pillowcase which are said to be beneficial for both the skin and hair so I was so excited to try that out. My hair gets very frizzy and since i’ve been using this i’ve actually noticed I have less flyaways and also less knots which is a total win for me. In terms of skin, this is also supposed to stop that ‘creasing’. I tend to sleep on the side of my face so I get those weird lines down my face the next morning- doesn’t happen at all with this. It also helps with redness in the skin as the silk doesn’t irritate so if I notice a difference after a few more weeks i’ll let you know!

My favourite products from this selection definitely included the Miaroma lavender range. I love scents as they help me feel relaxed and that little bit more ‘zen’. So, I knew I was going to love these.

The lavender temple balm has been a welcomed addition to my night time routine, and I really enjoy massaging it onto my temples and pressure points before sleeping. Being quite an anxious person sometimes I can see this being really useful in other situations too for keeping me feeling a bit more relaxed. I don’t know about you but as soon as I smell lavender I instantly feel sleepy!


I’ve been using sleep sprays for well over a couple of years now, so I was really happy to see one included in my sleep pack. I swear by them now to help aid sleep and I actually had no idea Holland & Barrett even sold such products so i’m really interested to see what else they have on offer.

A few days ago I took a bath using the lavender essential oil. I’m not very experienced with essential oils so this was a new experience for me, and a lovely one too. I just added a few drops into my bath water and it filled the room with the lavender fragrance. After my bath I used the Dr.Organic skin lotion to moisturise and what I love most about this is that it can be used on both the body and face (and you know I love a multipurpose product!).

I’ve been using these products for a few weeks now and I’m really enjoying using them and I will continue to as well. If you struggle getting off to sleep why not try out some relaxing products and see if it makes a difference? Don’t knock it until you try it!

All of the products mentioned can be purchased fromΒ Holland and Barrett.

Do you have a bedtime ritual?

Jess x

Β Contains a paid advertorial for Holland & Barrett


5 thoughts on “How to have better beauty sleep (ad)

  1. thedailycare says:

    I love the scent of Lavender Oil, and it’s really good for putting in the bath to relax. I’m not very into essential oils, but I’ve heard people tell me that Peppermint Oil is good for relaxing as well. What did you think of the Peppermint Oil you got?

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