technic cosmetics: rate or hate?

Hello everyone, today’s post is a review of the affordable makeup brand technic cosmetics. They’ve just had a makeover the timing is perfect!

I’ve got some of technic’s most popular products to share with you so hopefully you can get an idea of what the brand has to offer….


The product that initially stood out to me most was the colour fix cream blush & bronze palette [£5]. The shades in this are stunning and quite unique in my opinion. All 8 shades in this palette have shimmer in them which I wasn’t sure about at first but now i’ve actually tested them out I think it does work. For the more bronzy shades I love using a Real Techniques multi task brush and sweeping along the cheeks and hairline. The formula is quite hard to describe; they’re very creamy and pigmented but at the same time do sheer out when blended with fingers or a brush. This definitely gives you that healthy glow without being a glitter party all over your face!


One of my favourite products is actually the brow pencil [£1.50]. I had no idea I would love such an affordable brow pencil so much! This pencil has a lovely slightly waxy consistency which grabs onto your own brow hairs and creates a more natural effect as it creates a bit of texture. This is extremely pigmented so my advice would be to use a light hand to create the best results. I have also never seen such a long brow pencil in my entire life which means even more product than your standard pencil, and it comes with a brush on the other end – what more could you ask for?!

I think the setting sprays [£3.95] are one of technic’s most recent launches. I think it’s great that setting sprays are becoming more affordable as until quite recently there wasn’t that many on the market. I think this does a great job at making any makeup look more natural, especially powder products. I’m not the biggest fan of the actual spray bottle though as I found the application can sometimes be a little bit uneven. I’ve transferred mine into an old empty spray bottle and it works like a charm!

I’ve also been really enjoying using the mega sultry 2 eyeshadow palette [£3.49]. You can achieve so many different looks with it and I also think that all the shades complement each other well so you can’t really go wrong. The matte shadows are very velvet like in texture and i’m impressed with the colour payoff; I wasn’t really expecting much for such a low price. I think the shimmers are really beautiful and I love using a damp flat eyeshadow brush for the best pigmentation (I actually do this a lot with most of my eyeshadows it makes everything look so much better!).


Overall i’m really happy with the quality of these products and I would definitely look into their other products too. I’m definitely a drugstore makeup girl at heart so for me this is the perfect combination of quality and affordability!

Have you ever tried anything from technic?

Jess x

this post contains PR samples


6 thoughts on “technic cosmetics: rate or hate?

  1. jazminheavenblog says:

    I have one of the eyeshadow palettes from a while ago and it’s surprisingly good!! The blush & bronze palette looks amazing and the brow pencil! Think I’ll get both xx

    Liked by 1 person

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