Spectrum Collections: the wonder sponge

Hello everyone, i’ve been so excited to write this post as some of you will know i’m a makeup sponge addict. I literally cannot do my makeup without one (or three…) so when I realised my favourite brush brand ever did their own version I really wanted to try it out.

I find that beauty blender type products massively vary and I often stop myself buying different ones out in case I don’t like them . I’ve gone through at least 5 of the Real Techniques ones now so it was definitely time for a change though!


So, you basically can use these in exactly the same way as every other sponge. You wet it, and then it’s ready to use. These wonder sponges really absorb a lot of water and definitely double in size when they’re wet. That’s great as it means they are very soft and blend more flawlessly.


dry sponge vs wet sponge

They are egg shaped so I tend to use the flat side on the bottom for larger areas like blending out foundation and the pointed tip end for concealer. I’m so impressed with how easy blending everything was when using this and I think it was a bit quicker than previous sponges i’ve used too.

Yeah, so now you know they’re good, how much are they? These are £4.99 on their website, which is cheaper than the RT sponge [£5.99] and a whole lot cheaper than the beautyblender [£16]. 

I think I might actually be a spectrum sponge convert. All I can say it Spectrum collections is absolutely killing it at the moment!

What’s your favourite blending sponge?

Jess x

this post contains PR samples 




16 thoughts on “Spectrum Collections: the wonder sponge

  1. Emmee B. says:

    Lately I’ve been using RT brushes since switching to mineral foundation but when using liquid, I use damp dollar store triangle sponges. They come in a pack, do a great job and are cost effective. I had tried the RT complexion sponge but didn’t love it.

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