Hi everyone, in this post I wanted to talk about Skin Sincere, an organic skincare range who have launched their own #EmbraceYourFace campaign in aid of the Mind mental health charity.

Apparently 1 in 4 of adults are suffering from mental health problems each year, and 60% of us have admitted to feeling ashamed of our appearance. I think it about time that more people were aware of what mental health even is, and how we can support ourselves and the people around us too.

This campaign is basically about changing the face of mental health- by embracing yours. I think this is such a great idea and seeing as mental health has had it’s effect on me in the past couple of years I really wanted to help spread the word and get people talking!

So, we all know this campaign is a fantastic idea, but are Skin Sincere’s products actually any good? Why yes, they are…


I tried out a few different products which were all aloe vera based and smell delicious. My favourite products was definitely the moisturiser- it is very thick and feels lovely and cooling on the skin. I also love the skin polish as it has no microbeads in; instead it uses ingredients such as crushed walnuts to gently exfoliate.

These products would be perfect for anyone with sensitive skin so if your skin needs a little TLC check these out. I also highly recommend you to look into helping in whatever way you can with the #EmbraceYourFace campaign. If you feel like you could donate you can TEXT: EYFD55 £2  TO:70070 to donate £2. If you can’t then why not spread the word by posting a selfie or sharing the link to this post on twitter?

This isn’t sponsored, i’m just really passionate about this and I hope it helps some of you reading this too!

Jess x

this post contains PR samples


5 thoughts on “#EmbraceYourFace

  1. DisasterDavis says:

    I’ve never heard of the Skin Sincere brand, but skincare is something I really need to start thinking more about because I have literally no type of routine what so ever and it’s just so bad! The fact this brand are working together with MIND is amazing too, I’ll definitely be checking them out in the near future! Thank you for this post and for helping to raise awareness!

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